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Developing Individual Teams andOrganisation


INTRODUCTIONIndividual, team and organisation development all go hand in hand as they are allrequired to run the company and to earn more and more profits. The main aim of this presentreport is to analysis the knowledge, skills and behaviour which are required in the HR of anorganisation. The report is base on professional and organisation's development of Whirlpool.Whirlpool is the largest American multinational home appliance company which is operatingin about 70 countries. Further it will include the difference between the organisational and individuallearning and development. Also, will include the need to analysis the continuousdevelopment of individual to derive the sustainable growth. And at the end it will include thedifferent types of approaches used to manage the performance in Whirlpool of the employees.TASK 1P1 Determine the professional knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HRprofessional of Whirlpool.Human resource managers are the one who are involved in the selection, recruitment,training, development, compensation, payment and dismissal of the employees who areworking in an organisation. They are responsible to plan and implement the policies whichare all related to the employees, their working, their joining, leaving the organisation, theleaves and their payments. Their scope are determined by the size and scope of theorganisation in which they are working (Warrick, 2011). As Whirlpool is the worlds thelargest home appliance maker having the manufacturing centres at 70 research centres aroundthe world with approximately 100000 employees working under. So to maintain and developsuch a large organisation and number of employees the company needs very knowledgable,skilled and behavioural HR professional at every level. They all are needed to grow, developand train the new individuals and then the whole organisation. As with the development andgrowth of the employee the organisation also grow with. HR are also needed to grow theteams in the organisation. Whirlpool should be having very skilled and well qualified HRprofessionals so that they can help the individual, team and organisation as a whole to grow.The said knowledges, skills and behaviours which the HR professional must behaving to manage all the employees and to analyse the level of employee satisfaction.Knowledges:1

Knowledge of market- HR of Whirlpool must be having the full knowledge ofmarket so that they can formulate the policy and implement it in the organisation.They should be having the knowledge about the demand and supply force of marketwhich can affect the recruitment process of the employee in Whirlpool.Personal and HR- in Whirlpool the HR professional must be having the knowledgeregarding the principles and procedures of recruitment, selection, payment and all thebenefits of the employee (Salas and et.nl., 2012). If they are having the fullknowledge that how to plan and apply the principles then they would be able to findthe best candidate for the right job.Management and administration- as they are managers of the employees and theyknow how to satisfy the employee to get them motivated so that they can becomemore productive. So the HR at Whirlpool should know how to manage the employeeand administrate the strategies regarding the employee's.Skills:Role model- they main skill which they need to have as a HR professional atWhirlpool is that of becoming the role model of the employees (Salas, Rosen andDiazGranados, 2010). Whatever is done or spoken by the HR are surely would befollowed by the employees in the organisation. So HR must do not act as anirresponsible manager and should always address the employee in a correct mannerand try to solve the problem of employees at their end.Leadership- this is the skill and quality which need to be possessed by HRprofessional must be of leadership. As a good leader HR must encourage theemployee to do better in their work and help them in their, team's and organisation'sdevelopment.Coordination- as HR in Whirlpool is the link and bridge between the employee andthe management so they are required to coordinate with both. They also need tocoordinate with the outer world so that there is a continuous communication betweenthe world and Whirlpool.Behaviours:2

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