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Running head: LEADERSHIPLeadershipName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1LEADERSHIPQuestion 1Leadership is the action of leading the employees of an organization. Different types ofleadership exist in an organization, which are like autocratic leadership, Democratic leadership,Task oriented leader, transaction leaders transformational leaders and many more. According toLeithwood and Azah, (2016), autocratic leaders are always inclined to make decisions alonewithout considering any other’s inputs. They do not delegate authority to the employees and leadthem with their strict instructions. On the other hand, Showry and Manasa, (2014) opined thatdemocratic leaders delegate some authority to the employees and give sense of owner ship to theemployees. Moreover, the communication in this leadership style is both upward and downward. Furthermore, Bottomley et al., (2014) stated that transformational leaders applyinnovative ideas and concepts in the business decision for getting high level of business success.They also allow the employees to contribute their business ideas in the business success. Hanson,(2013) pointed out that transactional leaders also apply their innovative ideas in business process.However, they have strict control on the employees and their activities. Owusu-Bempah, (2014)stated that task oriented leaders are only concentrated on achieving the organizational successand they are not much people oriented. While assessing the leadership style of Rob, it can be said that Rob is a type of autocraticleader. He is always associated with bossing style in controlling the employees. He is alwaysused to talk in high tone with the employees of the organization. Moreover, Rob expects theemployees to strictly follow his instructions. Furthermore, Rob is highly task oriented andassociated only with the success of the organization. Moreover, he often undervalues thecontribution level of the employees. It often lowers the morale of the employees and discourages
2LEADERSHIPthem to work hard any further. Growing Place is a child care company and the employees caringfor the employees, should have high level of sensitivity for nurturing the children. In suchsituation, Rob undervalues the contribution and effort level of the employees towards nurturingthe children. In this way, the CEO is actually making the employees frustrated, which can hindertheir capability towards properly nurturing the employees. Therefore, the leader style is notappropriate for this company. Question 2Emotional intelligence defines the cognitive ability, which facilitates in interpersonalbehavior. According to Garrett and Camper, (2015), emotional intelligence is the ability of aperson towards managing his own feelings so that those feelings are expresses effectively andappropriately. On the other hand, Gilbert et al., (2016) opined that emotional intelligence definesthe emotional awareness for harnessing the emotion, ability to apply emotion for solvingproblems and controlling the own emotions for cheering up with other people. In case of anorganization, a leader can better understand his strength and weakness, when he has healthysense self-awareness. Therefore, he can better control his influence on other. High level ofemotional intelligence facilitates in better self-regulation in the workplace. Moreover, leadershaving high level of emotional intelligence can reveal their intelligence maturely and exerciserestraints whenever needed. As per Batool, (2013), emotionally intelligent leaders are always self-motivated inmanaging their subordinates. Such leaders are usually optimistic and resilient, when they comeacross disappointment and driven by inner ambition. Furthermore, Kumari et al., (2014) pointedout that emotional intelligence defines the empathy and compassion within a manager, which

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