Evidence-Based HRM Assignment

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INTRODUCTION1.1 Using at least two information sources from academic journals, explain what is meant byEvidence-based HRM. Why is this important in HR practice?Evidence based HRM practice is the procedure of identifying and providing employmentto HR participation. Evidence based management is a newly and corner stone trend in the humanresource management(Cassar and Bezzina, 2017). The research shows that there has been a widerange of companies; both private and public which are choosing to have evidence basedmanagement in the operations of their company and add essential value to the company. It allowsthe organization's team to achieve the pre-defined goals and objectives of the company. Humanresource practice which is evidence based is the process to identify and implement HR practicesand strategies which contain an important source of pragmatical support to attain the expectedresults. Another definition to determine the evidence based human resource practice can beexplained as a specific style of working where the human resource occupational group takedecision by using the best evidence, competency, capableness, and standards to make moreeffective policies. Its importance in HR practice :- Effective decision making.Enhanced ability to match human resource practice with strategic goals of the company.A more analytical formulation based on existing data likely to be held within thecompany.Improved credibility for the discipline of HR practice. 1.2 Find any two internet written sources that you believe would be useful to Israel Tobin inpersuading Mark French of the strategic value of the HR function in CERA.An association's most important sources are human resource. So human resource is themain element of setting the strategic direction of the company. HR must match its approach withthe broader business model to achieve and maintain this position. A HR strategy focus everyaspect of the business and reflects its objectives and vision(Bezzina and Tipurić, 2017). Themain task of human resource professionals includes various activities, from employing the righttalent and make sure their professional development. By standardising processes, humanresource departments ensures uniformity and full alignment. Standardisation helps in reducingthe cost and time required for performing daily tasks. With a comprehensive human capital1

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