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Invitation to Tender from A&E Old Iron Ltd

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FD Sc Communication Technologies: Network EngineeringLevel: 5Module: Managing Network ProjectsAssessment: Assessment 1: Project ProposalModule Tutor:xxxxxWeighting in Module:50%Hand out:Friday 4th November 2016Hand in:on or before 12.00, Friday 9th December 2016[to Assessment Centre, WF 1st floor or SafeAssignPlease make sure you obtain and keep a receipt]Learning outcomes to be assessed:1.The ability to plan and resource a project from a given project proposal are demonstrated.2.An understanding of the tools and techniques available for managing and scheduling staffand resources is shown through the presentation of appropriate tools and techniques for thegiven proposal.3.A valid critical evaluation of the options available for the procurement and deployment ofresources for a given project scenario is presented.Assessment Brief.See the attached brief.What is required?A project plan detailing the schedule of work and resources requiredRisk log1500 work critiques assessing the problems you may encounter and the means by which each might be resolvedAssessment & Grading Criteria:See overleaf
Invitation to Tender from A&E Old Iron Ltd_1
FdSc Communication Technologies: Network EngineeringManaging Network Projects: Assignment 1 Assessment CriteriaTo achieve a Pass in this Assignment, the stated Pass criteria must be achievedLearning Outcomes Assessed in this AssessmentPASS criteria1.Demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of the essential facts and concepts relating to the planning of projects.2.Use appropriate terminology for a network technologist developing a network centric plan.3.Demonstrate the ability to identify and select suppliers by investigation and critical analysis ofpublically available data and information 4.Show an understanding of risk management5.Make effective use of information retrieval skills.6.Manage your own learning and development.Grading criteria follow.......
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