Financial Performance Assignment Qantas & Virgin Airline

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RUNNING HEAD: Analysis of Companies 1Analysis of Companies
Analysis of Companies2Introduction This report reflects the key understanding on the financial performance of two companiesnamed Qantas airlines and Virgin airline. With the increasing ramification of economic changeand complex business factors these companies have adopted innovative and creative value chainactivities for the betterment of client’s satisfaction.
Analysis of Companies3Present description of organizationQantas Airlines company Qantas Airlines company is indulged in providing flag carrier airlines services andhaving headquarter in Australia. This company has international flights and internationaldestination to provide best quality of services to its clients. It has several subsidiaries such as Jetstar Airways, Jaconet and Qantas link. In addition to this, company has core competency toprovide cheapest fair flights to its clients for the betterment of their satisfaction. This companyhas adopted cyber computing digital marketing system for promoting its airlines on internationallevel. Qantas Airlines company has also increased its overall turnover by 20% in 2016 ascompared to average last five year data (Shaffer, Mills, and Helms Mills, 2017). This hasreflected that company has establish strong brand image of international level and establisheffective level of quality chain for the betterment of client’s satisfactions. Qantas Airlinescompany has several strategic alliance in which online air packages and tours operation aremanaged. Qantas Airlines company entered into strategic alliance with TUI for attracting moreclients to travel in their airlines.Virgin airlines company It is an American company which founded in 2004 and started its business operation oninternational level. This company is having headquarter in Burlingame, California. Virginairlines company has core competency to provide cheapest fair flights and luxurious services byentering into strategic alliance with other organization to its clients for the betterment of theirsatisfaction. However, company has more than 100 flights around the globe which is operating

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