Hospitality Marketing: Roles, Responsibilities, and Strategies of Hilton Hotel


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Hospitality marketing refers to the process of the marketing efforts towards
the increase of revenue in the hospitality industry.
Hospitality marketing is one of part of the marketing management.
hospitality marketing use the different marketing technique to promote
their services and product.
The word marketing generally means the process of advertising or
promoting services or product of the organisation Under this report taken
Hilton hotel as a organisation.
Its headquarters are in McLean, Virginia, US.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to
wider organizational context
Marketing plays a important roles to establish relationship between
customers and organization promote in market.
It has different roles and responsibilities regarding organizational context
of Hilton.
To gathering information of market and analyses of that information is a
first roles and responsibility of marketing.
It helps to improve product design so it convenient for customers.
Marketing is supportive for increase brand value of the product which
draw positive identity in global market.

To Be Continued
In hotel have various functions like production, R&D, finance
and customer services etc. these whole functions are interlinked
with marketing functions.
In case of finance department, finance department prepares a
report regarding profit, loss and other expenses.
This report helpful to set the objective and target of the Hilton.
Thus finance department keep away good roles for marketing.
In case of human resource management department(HRM) plays
a significant role for marketing. HRM department is responsible
for recruitment and staff training across organization on the
basis of demand.

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