Use of Reward Management to Improve Performance


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Use of Reward Management to
Improve Performance

Cover Content
Objectives of Research;
Problem Definition;
Scope of work;
Result Analysis;

Aim of the Dissertation
"To analyse the use of rewards management to improve performance as recognition
for employees within the senior management case study of Hilton Hotel.”

Objectives of the Research
To understand the concept of rewards management and recognition;
To investigate the use of rewards management as performance and recognition for
the retention of employee within the senior section of Hilton Hotel;
To identify the impact of rewards and recognition in increasing performance and
retention of senior section in the organization.

Problem Definition
In the present era there is increase in issues related with minimizing retention of
the personnel.
Along with this lack of proper reward is affecting the performance of the
employees to a greater extent.
The issue can be resolved when the business would employee suitable reward
system so that it is able to provide satisfaction to the employees to a significant

Research Methodology
In the present investigation the most appropriate one is interpretivism
philosophy. This is due to the reason that it assist in examining the multiple
In the present study investigator has taken support of descriptive research
design. It is considered as theoretical analysis so researcher can carry out
the investigation in theoretical bases.

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