Report on Human Resource Matrix of Volkswagen

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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MATRIXHuman Resource MatrixName of the University:Name of the Student:Author Note:
1HUMAN RESOURCE MATRIXVolkswagen AG, internationally known as Volkswagen Group is a multinationalautomotive company, which is headquartered at Wolfsburg, Germany. The company iscurrently operating at approximately 150 countries. With over 600,000 employees, thecompany manufactures, distributes and designs commercial and passenger vehicles and offersrelated services as well. The organization’s management board is responsible for managingthe overall group. The supervisory group monitors, advises and appoints the managementboard. Moreover, it is directly consulted on the decisions those are of primary significance ofthe company. The employees of the company are highly talented and experienced. Moreover,the company has various strategic focuses on sustainable development of management andleadership models ( 2018).The company strives to find the best applicant for their job positions. Volkswagenbelieves in hiring the best candidate for serving the customers with their best of services.Moreover, the company has different training goals. It goes through several processes whilerecruiting, like interviewing, screen tests, driving tests and more. It invests so much time andmoney on employee training and hiring processes to ensure that all the knowledge gaps areadequately filled. The training procedures vary depending on the job position’s type andemployees’ skills and abilities. Volkswagen Group conducts several orientation and inductionprograms in order to train the newly hired employees. In addition to this, certified trainersand professional experts educate the employees regarding car testing, automobile’s parts andothers (Becker, Huselid & Ulrich, 2001).However, the company lacks some training goals, which it needs to improve. It hasproblem in aligning and crafting the right training procedures with corporate goals.Firstly,the company needs to align their training goals with their corporate ones, that is, theemployees must be given an overview of the company’s policies and procedures.Secondly,during the training sessions, the trainers must prioritize and define the corporate goals and
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