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Social media is considered as significant element for every business entity and it is also vitalfor hospitality sector. Social media is such a platform which provides the hotel and opportunity topromote the services among different customer segment; however improper use of social media canimpact the overall business processes. In contemporary scenario, all the hotels are promoting theirservices through social media tools and techniques because it provides opportunity to hotels topersuade large pool of customers. People are active on social media websites and they get most ofthe imperative information from such tools (Couldry, 2012). It brings the opportunities of capturinglarger market share and as a result, it enhances the scope of targeting more people. Effective use ofsocial media can bring great opportunities to the business; however it requires more planning andthoughtful aspects. Hotels are using social media because it is a cheap and effective source whichavoids the need of organizing marketing campaign. However, several researches have confrontedthat social media can produce harmful effects as well when not used in adequate manner. Socialmedia is directly involved with marketing practices; therefore a small mistake in marketing aspectcan change the entire scenario of product promotion (7 Social Media Challenges and BusinessOpportunities for Social Media Managers, 2014). Extensive use of social media reducesproductivity of the business entity and this may also impact or influence customer's purchasingpreference of clients. In recent years, social media has emerged a powerful and new marketing tool and itcontinues to be an integral part of marketing strategies across varied industries and sectors. Since, itis new to the marketing industry; therefore the learning curve is relatively steep. One of the majorchallenges of social media to hotel industry is lack of proper time to manage social media websites.Most of the hotels are unable to update requisite information about the services and this leads thecustomers to face issues related to misconception (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). Sometimes, peopleget confused and they get cheated as well. It has been identified that hotel industry communicatesproperly with the customers on social media websites; however reliability on the same source canhamper the overall communication process. Managing social media is a time consuming activityand there are numerous ways to efficiently manage company's presence on social media. Improperupdation in the websites can misguide the customers and this can also affect service deliveryprocess. Customer who access hotel's information through social media, rely on these websites andsometimes they make payment online for outdated services (Social media business opportunitiesand challenges, 2015).Cheating, fraud and misconception are the major issues that are associated with social mediatools and anytime that can affect business processes and activities. A few customers have articulatedthat they do not get proper responses from the social media websites and as a result, it influences2
purchase decision of the clients. Every hotel entity has to respond properly to customer complaintsbecause improper response can influence mindset of customers. Hotel remains unable to respondcustomer's complaints because of lack of time and as a result, they give importance to only thosecustomers who directly visit the entity (Mangold and Faulds, 2009). A negative review is anopportunity to make essential improvements in the service entity and through this, customers can befeel valued. Further, it is also essential for the hotel to consider the interest of customers andappropriate response should be given to social media users (Chan and Guillet, 2011). Issues andproblems also generate at the time when hotel remains unable to update information on social mediawebsites. Lack of innovation on social media advertisement can also lead to the issue of customerswitch over because customer always get attracted towards innovative and creative aspects.However, most of the time, hotels make too much emphasis on social media aspects and customersdo not give preference to those websites because of the belief that social media websites are notreliable (McCarthy, Stock and Verma, 2010). Social media is an option for hospitality industry sinceit provides opportunities to manage and present business content and it helps in identifying corevalues that draw clients and customers to business. However, on the contrary if business values andbeliefs are not maintained properly, then customer base can be affected. The most common websiteof social media is Facebook which allows people to spread negativity about the products andservices; hence it creates tension for the hotel. This belief of customer varies as per different brands; hence adequate and prominentemphasis should be given on the same. Hotel entity has to select appropriate technique of socialmedia because improper selection of social media tools can hamper networking aspects of hotelentity. Accurate and full information should be given to the customers regarding the serviceprovision so that they can avoid the state of confusion among the customers (Qualman, 2010). Mostof the clients do not respond properly to the hotel when they are asked for any changes andimprovements and as a result, the hotel fails to make adequate changes in the services. Lack ofreliable database can change the complaint procedure and as a consequence it hampers customer'ssatisfaction level. It is an apparent fact that spam is usually unwanted and it is integrated with e-mail advertising. Spammers are active on social media websites and they make fake profiles ofhotels and cheat the customers against service delivery. This not only hampers hotel's image butalso it affects its position in competitive market place (The Top 4 Challenges Facing HospitalityToday, 2011). However, data does not remain safe when it is put to social media websites because it givesauthority to everyone and they can access the data whenever required. Internet is such a source thatcan be relied upon in a few cases only; however the source is not reliable in all the areas. In order to3

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