Implementation Cost Analysis for CRM Software


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Part 1In the given case study Jerry, owner, of Trusty Carpets has recently acquired Metro carpets forgrowth and development of business. In addition to this acquisition another recent big change onthe working of Trusty Carpets is that Jerry and Mike (the installer) have decided to combine theirbusinesses into one carpet sales and installation business. The main purpose of this collaborationis to improve the rate of carpet recycling and lowering greenhouse gas emissions throughWARM Program. Due to these sudden changes in Trusty carpets, jerry is facing problems in efficient merger andaligning the goals and strategies of all three units. All three units have separate workingmechanism and customer services. This might results in loss of customers for all three unitswhich will be financially negative for overall company. The solution proposed for Jerry Montgomery’s businesses is application of a CustomerRelationship Management (CRM). A CRM system is a business tool that enables to manage alldifferent customers, partners and business information in one place. Nowadays best and costefficient method of implementation of a CRM is trough cloud computing. CRM trough cloudcomputing is called Cloud CRM. Through implementation of cloud CRM all the three businesscan be aligned by Jerry in a period of 30 to 60 days.Currently best available service provider for such kind of service is SalesforceIQ CRM. ThisCRM software will help the organisation to manage all the interaction with its customers. ThisCRM software involves sales tracking software, marketing management module and customerrelationship and management module. With the help of these modules business development canbe dine on all the levels of organisation.Resource requirements-1.Hardware- The organisation after expansion has three sites of business. Hence for each site itshould acquire two laptop and four tablets. Hence total hardware requirement will be 3laptops and 6 tablets. 2.Software- SalesforceIQ CRM is packaged software which enables one user to connect withthe cloud. Hence in total 9 connections will be required by the organisation. 2
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3.Connection- There should be availability of high speed internet connection for CRM. Hencethree routers will be required with high speed internet connection in each of the businessplace. 4.How these work together to provide the solution- Saleforce CRM will allow the used toconnect with the CRM software installed in the clod with the help of used id and passwordprovided by the service provided. These backend servers can be reached by employees withthe help of web browsers on their laptops and tablets. In this process high speed internetconnection will be required.How system will work 1.People- All the employees can use the system through laptops and tablets with the help ofallocated user-id and password. 2.Data- with the help of market automation module of the software we will be able to createtemplates and email blasts which will be helpful in marketing of the company. Mostly CSRsoftware work by collecting leads and customer information. By analysis of the collecteddata it understands the pattern of customer and market requirement. This will help theorganization in attracting new customers and satisfying current customers. 3.Input- major input data will be pattern of sales, customer interactions, feedbacks, interactionwith potential customers, survey data etc.4.Processing- Processing will be done by the software on the basis of mathematical algorithmsof permutation and combination to give appropriate results.5.Storage- In Cloud CRM uses is not required to worry about increasing the storage capacity asall the data is stores in the backend service of the service provider.6.Security- safety precautions on the store will be implemented by the service provider on theirend but we have to protect our system with the help of PIN, passwords and anti- virussoftware.3
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