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Ineffective Communication and its Impact

Added on - 07 Apr 2020

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0Running head: EG18366EG18336Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1Running head: EG18366Topic:Ineffective communication and its impact in a workplace environment.Research background: Performance of employees in a workplace largely depends on theinterpersonal skills between them and their seniors. Interpersonal conflicting issues among the coworkers in an organization play a significant role in hindering its goals and objectives. Goodinterpersonal relationships with the team members improve the productivity of the team as wellas the organization. Hence, it is important for the employees to keep healthy relations with theirco-workers and seniors in order to improve the efficacy of work(Allen et al.).Research Aim:The aims of the research areto find out the essential factors for the successfulperformance of employees in the workplace in India. The Data Protection Act 1990 will befollowed in the research work and the violation of same will be ceased. The collected data willonly be used for educational purpose and it will not be shared with any other individual or anyorganization in any situation.HypothesisH0-Good interpersonal relationships cannot improve the performance of employees in the workplace.H1- Good interpersonal relationships can improve the performance of employees in the workplace.Research objectives:
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