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Inspired by: Fuller, Valacich, and George (2008).

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Inspired by: Fuller,Valacich, and George (2008).Information Systems Project Management.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice-Hall.pp.403-4-4.Suppose you are the projeAssct manager for the following project:Task(Part 1)Baseline DurationPredecessor(s)(Part 2)Actual Duration11 days--1 days23 days13 days32 days11 days43 days25 days55 days35 days63 days4, 53 days71 days61 days1."Before":First,prepare a network diagram for the project using MS Project.Determine the critical path and slack times for all of the tasks.This completes the plan for the project schedule.2.Then figure out the project duration and completion date.Then baseline this (in MSProj: Tools > Baseline)then save the .mppfile as "<yourname> F.BaselinedProject".3."After": During project planProjExecution, we become aware of the need to change the duration ofTask 4 to five days.Meanwhile,Task 3 has been finished one day early, so it only took one day to do..4.Re-dothe network diagram and figure out the new duration and completion date.5.Look at the "tracking Gantt chart" to compare the before (baselined) and after (actual) versions.Thebaselinedversion will generally be black/gray, and the actual/current version will generally be incolor (red for critical path tasks, blue for non-critical path tasks).F.6.Save the .mppfile, making sure it shows both versions, before (baselined) and after (actual) in the file.F.7.Then, having done all this, answer these questions:1.a.What effect did this have on and total project effort?Why?2.b.What effect did this have on project duration?Why?3.c.What effect did this have on the critical path?Why?

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