Interpersonal Skill for Team Project in the Organization

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INTERPERSONAL SKILLS2Interpersonal Skills for Portfolio, Program, and Project Manager1.What criteria should be used to determine team effectiveness?Being the manager of the virtual tam for the first time in my career I have beenoverwhelmed by obtaining the support of the top management in transforming my endeavor ofintroducing a reward system and transforming it into a reality. To help ensure that my projectsucceeds, the top management has appointed a senior-level governance board to oversee theentire project’s progress. The governance board would be meeting me on a monthly basis and Iam expected to consult with its members between meetings if any significant issues or risksarise. But unfortunately due to economic constraints I have been prevented from having directinteraction with my project team, which is made up of 25 members located on three differentcontinents. As my company does not have a video conferencing system, and as mostcommunication would be asynchronous except for occasional conference calls, I have to find outways to keep my team members motivated and engaged in the project in a thorough manner. Thevirtual team has been established to complete a project which is the fifth highest priority in theorganization’s portfolio management system, which has 55 different programs and projects, andthat is the reason why it is receiving so much extensive attention from the management. Theproject has been launched to develop and deliver a new product within a couple of years, and theschedule is urgent because the company’s management wants to make sure that the productmakes into the marketplace before the competitors release a similar product of their own. So ithas become a sole responsibility for me to keep the team motivated to complete the project in atimely manner. Being the project manager I am eager to ensure success for my team and to keepthem thoroughly engaged in the project. I want to keep them motivated and for doing so I haveplanned for a reward and appraisal program. A team-based reward and recognition system would
INTERPERSONAL SKILLS3work for me and the team in the most effective manner, and I have been obliged by thegovernance body by receiving the green signal in this regard. The governance body thinks that ifthe reward system is ultimately deemed beneficial, it could then be applied to other programs andprojects in the organization as well. The supportiveness of the governance board has alreadymotivated me to introduce the team-based reward system and now it is time for me tocommunicate the issue to the team members and to make them understand the importance ofgetting involved into such a process. It is to fulfill this objective that during the teleconference, Idid use a nominal group technique by giving each team member an opportunity to respond withideas about the reward and recognition system. I then asked by team to formulate a draft plan forthe system and I had given one team member the responsibility of volunteering in respect ofleading the effort. Now it is my responsibility to choose the criteria that should be used todetermine my team’s effectiveness. It is now my duty to arrange how this team-based reward andrecognition system should be structured. Moreover, it is now my responsibility to decide thatwho would determine how to administer the system – the team itself, the project manager, theproject sponsor, or the governance board? Again, it is me who has to determine the advantagesand disadvantages of involving each of groups listed above. Moreover, I will have to determinethat if a team member disagrees with the approach, can he or she opt out of the system withoutfear of reprisal, or does everyone need to participate for the system to be effective.It is important to establish criteria in order to evaluate any high performance team andsuch allows the team manager to ensure optimal productivity by setting expectations that arethoroughly appropriate. Such setting and meeting of criteria is directly related to improvement inteam processes and in communicating properly the mission and vision of the project effectivelyto the team members. By assessing the team members on a regular basis the way for motivating
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