Operational Plan Management: Kingfisher

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Operational Plan Management: Kingfisher Office RelocationNameDate
Operational Plan for Office Renovation for KingfisherKingfisher is a retailer with three offices located in Australia; as business grows, theorganization is seeking to provide a more centralized location to serve customers in Perth as well asto provide a bigger and comfortable office space for staff. The aim of the renovation plan is torelocate offices to better serve customers. As a result, Kingfisher will need to ensure the new officepremises have the right facilities for staff productivity and use by clients. The premise must berenovated and custom designed to meet the staff requirements, as well as be fitted with new suitablefurniture and have services such as electricity, plumbing, Internet, and communications put in place.This operational plan is aimed at achieving the following Key Results Areas which are also the keyperformance indicators;Complete the renovation, acquisition, and completion of relocation within the provided timelimitUndertake the entire operation within the given budget allocationHave the office ready for use by staff and clients as per the given time durationThis operational plan details resource identification and the process used in determining theresource requirements. It also details how research will be done when sourcing for resources andsuitable acquisition methods for the project. Further, this operational plan details how the budgetsfor the renovation plan will be developed and how stakeholders will be consulted. The processes forgetting approvals are also detailed through a scope management plan and the organization andworkplace procedures that will impact the operation plan implementation. In summary, thisoperational plan details its development, implementation, and evaluationThe resource requirements are determined by defining the tasks to be undertaken to achievethe goals of the plan, which is office relocation to a new premise. To establish the requiredresources, the WBS (work breakdown structure) is developed to organize the tasks to be undertakeninto smaller manageable units in a hierarchical manner. The figure below shows the WBS for therenovation plan; the WBS helped identify all tasks and formed the basis for developing the plan’sbudget
Stakeholder managementThe stakeholder management plan was developed as a means to identify, communicate with,and ensure support for the project by the various stakeholders. The main stakeholders are thenational general manager who in turn is the executive sponsor. His support for the project is highlycritical, especially in ensuring adequate funding and management support for the project. The nextimportant stakeholder is the marketing manager whose role is that of the business sponsor. Thisstakeholder is important for the project because he ensures the relocation plan meets the businessneeds of the organization (marketing and better customer engagement). The finance manager(national and regional) were also identified as important stakeholder to ensure the requisite fundsare provided. The IT manager ia also a stakeholder whose role it will be to ensure that the ITinfrastructure is set up to meet the marketing objectives of the new office. The human resourcesmanager is also an important stakeholder because he/ she will ensure the requisite human resourcesare availed for the project execution. The purchasing manager is another important stakeholder forthe plan because he will ensure the required items are purchased and delivered, within the stipulatedtime and budget. Below shows the stakeholder management plan for the Kingfisher officerelocation plan
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