Case Study of Latino Engineering | Leadership Assignment

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Case Study of Latino Engineering | Leadership Assignment

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LATINO ENGINEERING 1Latino Engineering Continuous Improvement PlanAuthor’s NameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Case Study of Latino Engineering | Leadership Assignment_1
LATINO ENGINEERING 2 Latino Engineering Continuous Improvement PlanThe paper analyses the case study of Latino Engineering, a company that started from scratchunder the leadership of Dominic Latino. Perhaps the name Latino Engineering was drawn from its owner Dominic Latino. However, in the case study Dominic Latino, after a long service in thecompany decided to sell it to Investment Group that maintained the company’s name even after the takeover. It is glaringly notable that the company is facing a raft of problems since its takeover even after it retained some of the company’s previous employees before even the purchase. As clearly stated in the case study, during the reign of Dominic Latino he singlehandedly made decisions, but the company was still stable and afloat. In his leadership, theworking relationship with its employees was cordial and perhaps that made workflow quick and efficient. Ideally, when the working relationship is superb, definitely the employees would worksynergistically to deliver excellent results and that is why the company gained customer loyalty. Nonetheless, the paper would have to use some quality tools to examine the root causes of the problems Latino Engineering is experiencing today in the case study. The quality tools to be usedin the identification of the root cause of this problem are accordance with the requirements of thetotal quality management. Besides, after quality tools have been used to identify the causes of theproblems in the case study, the paper would also develop an implementation plan that would be used to eliminate or perhaps minimize the root causes of the challenges the company is facing today (Salah, Rahim, & Carretero, 2014, P.250). Finally, in accordance with the continuous improvement plan approaches, PDCA methodology would be used to develop an improvement plan Latino Engineering would use to streamline its business operations. Identification of roots causes using quality tools and techniques
Case Study of Latino Engineering | Leadership Assignment_2
LATINO ENGINEERING 3In total quality management there are seven main quality tools that are used to identify the root causes of problems an organisation can face (Goetsch, & Davis, 2014, P.67).They include: histogram, Scanner plot, check sheet, the Pareto diagram, control chart, cause, and effect diagram. All the seven tools can equally be employed to identify the sources of problem in this case study. But, picking one or two quality tools would still give some root cause of the problem. This being a problem that can be analyzed qualitatively as opposed to quantitatively, Pareto Diagram and Cause-effect Diagram are the most appropriate in establishing the root causes of the challenges of Latino Engineering. Cause and effect DiagramThis quality tool shows the systematic relationship that exists between the cause and effect or results. However, the relationship can also be between symptoms, effects or outcomes and the causes (Magar, & Shinde, 2014, P.365). In essence, this quality tool is easy to apply, because it helps in digging deep into the root cause. It traces the source of the problem and relates its effects and outcome. This tool simply uses the approach of reverse engineering, where the effect or the results at hand are analyzed to understand its causes.This quality tool follows the procedure below: Agreeing on defining the effect, this then is used to understand the causes. The effect must be defined clearly, and analyzed properly so that it leads to the understanding of the cause (Soković, Jovanović, Krivokapić,. & Vujović, 2009, p.5). On this step, one needs to be meticulous because any misstep in this stage can make it impossible to identify the actual root causes.
Case Study of Latino Engineering | Leadership Assignment_3
LATINO ENGINEERING 4After defining the effect, and thoroughly analyzing it, the TQM consultant would then have to determine some main groups of the problems (Magar, & Shinde, 2014, P.365). The categories can be people, process, management or generally the environment. The categories or classes of the problem are then connected to the backbone to assist in understanding the effect. Ideally, the cause and effect diagram is like this one below here:Application of Cause and Diagram to the Latino Case StudyEquipmentUsing this tool, it is apparent that Latino engineering requires engineering equipment to carry out its business activities. However, going by the reports of customers, they have complained that the company is using faulty equipment. Therefore, without any doubt, equipment is one of the root causes as far as this case study is concerned. Businesses are requiredto use the right equipment to carry out their roles excellently, but in this case in point it is crystal clear that some defective equipment was used.
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