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Leadership and Communication

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This article discusses the importance of effective communication for effective leadership and provides communication strategies for leaders. It also suggests a strategy for William, the CEO of a public relation firm, to improve communication from top to bottom. The article includes references for further reading.
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Running Head: LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATIONLEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION[Document subtitle]Student NameCourse Number (ORG500) – Name of Course (Foundations of EffectiveManagement)Colorado State University – Global CampusInstructor’s NameDate
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LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION1IntroductionLeadership is a procedure and not importantly a power or a position. Leadership is oriented towards action and not by virtue of any rank or a title. Leaders are the ones who do the right things at the right time. In our personal lives, we have become leaders at a point of time by taking the responsibility of doing a task or work in order to influence others. And the communication is very important for the effective leadership as it is a procedure of sharing ideas,information, and feelings. The effective leadership in the various organizations need to know the way of communication with the employees, investors and customers. The communication skills are very important in order to become an effective leader (Daft, R. L. 2014). Further, the communication strategies are given which will help the William who is the CEO of a public relation firm to communicate effectively as a leader as he noticed that the staff is not happy with the level of communication from top to bottom.Communication Strategies for Effective LeadershipThe researchers have given various communication strategies in order to become an effective leader. The communication strategies are as follows (Lawrence, T. 2015):The effective leaders know very well that when to stop talking and when to start listeningin the various situations like high emotions, sharing of ideas, situations of a team, etc. The leaders don't ignore the emotional feelings of the employees as it helps in building a positive relation among the manager and the employees and listening to the ideas of employees will help them in remain motivated and encouraged.
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