Leadership Assignment | Marks & Spencer

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Leadership Assignment | Marks & Spencer

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Leadership refers to that action consisting of some leader in group and individual oforganization so that person can show capabilities and ability to perform that job. Leadership mayinvolve of many activity such as by establishing clear vision, providing information andknowledge so that they can reach to nearly vision (AlMazrouei, and Zacca, 2015). In addition tothis, Steve Rowe is one of finest and successful leader because this person has connect allindividual from one another at Mark and Spencer. Successful leader frame can be achievedthrough proper co-ordination and resolving all conflicts between board of company andstakeholders. Moreover, by providing clear vision, mission and values of organization so thatevery employee try to achieve ultimate goals and target.I have chosen Steve Rowe as leader and role model because that individual person hasstarted work through proper communication about policies and procedure and plan of workingstyle to their sub ordinates so that they can work efficiently. It also help in motivating ofemployees by proving concern's on working employees and also provide some incentive throughinvolving of monetary which consider of cash, bonuses, stock option and profit sharing and non-monetary includes of promotion, transfer, recognition and training so that they get motivated andwork efficiently and effectively for organization so that they can achieved their desired goals. Inevery business and organization confidence plays crucial role because through this, Mark andSpencer has achieved by expressing work efforts within organization by their sub-ordinates.Steve Rowe, helps their employees by explaining their role and providing proper guidelineclearly so that no conflicts can take place in regards to achieving their end results. This personhelp in building up morale and also try to improve co-operation between management andemployees towards their work and also help in acquiring of trust and confidence (Avolio, andMhatre, 2012). Leader main role is to boost employee morale through achieving group action sothat they can perform well and full ability and capabilities are shown to achieve target.Main competencies are problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication,vision and mindfulness with help of these Steve Rowe has achieve goals. Problem solving withinorganization is very difficult task therefore, at Mark and Spencer Steve Rowe ask manyquestions to himself on time to time basis such as what things I am doing right now are morecrucial than what I can do?, In what things I am spending daily time? and if any problem arises it2
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can be solve from relevant solution and not? These all things are required in solving out problemthrough this, consumer are satisfied and business has reached out to target. For solving outproblems, issues and conflicts in organization many leaders left on there sub ordinates whereasSteve Rowe, has always consider himself in these situation. Within organization there need to beincrease in communication and interaction between employees because through this, it will helpin reducing of conflicts. As a leader it is very difficult to interact and ask question to theiremployees for knowing them better because gap between leader and employee is reduce. Withhelp of effective communication organization employees will be able to share there ideas,innovative plans and some changes which are required to their sub ordinates this will results inbuilding up trust and communication between organization and also enhances (Barrick, andet.al., 2013). Moreover, by providing explanation through this problem, effective communicationis best and it use by leaders and management for solving there problem which are arising atlower, middle and at higher level because from this, problem can solve easily.Steve Rowe has expanded business by analyzing critical thinking by going shallow withsome issues and ideas in order to make some differences. Mindfulness is also another type ofcompetencies which includes ability to ignoring negative noise which are around person and tryto convert it into positive manner this optimistic energy has enhance in working style of SteveRowe. This optimistic energy has help Mark and Spencer, in developing of ideas, innovation andsome creativity by excelling in e commerce, from which business has expanded.Mark and Spencer has revealed there frustration in relation to clothes because there wasinconsistencies in price and value of product. Therefore, Steve Rowe, has disclosed plan bycutting down number of promotion regarding that item which are offer to customer and focusingon core items that customer are containing in wardrobe and also concentrate on other productsuch as wearable and contemporary style rather than catwalk lines. This has help organization inboosting up customer experience because Steve Rowe, has planned to hire more consumer andworker by developing service level such as investing in better changing rooms, cleanness in cafeand toilets through this, Steve Rowe, has helped Mark and Spencer in increasing of customersatisfaction.Leadership style which Steve Rowe has used is democratic style, in this style it involvesempowerment because it provide responsibilities to individual and team for making decision3
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