Management and Operation - Assignment (Docs)

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Management and Operation
INTRODUCTIONManagement and operation is a paramount part for any business enterprise. It is thebusiness practice aimed for ensuring maximum efficiency in a firm, that turn helps to improveprofitability. This includes resources from material, equipments, staff and converting these inputto an efficient and effective output on day to day activities into an organization. It concernedwith planning, organising and supervising in reference to production, manufacturing or services(Bahirat and Micron Technology Inc., 2016).This report is based on Marks and Spencer which is an retailer dealing in a wide range ofclothing, home products and services and home appliances. This report attempts to compare rolesand activities which are being carried out leaders and manager in an organisation. It includes roleof leader and role of administrator,variousmodels andtheories of concepts,key approaches tooperation administration and significance of measureoperation. Also, bring highlights on impactupon business environment at a time of decision making.TASK1P1Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a leader and a manager.Operation and management is an aspect of modern operation supply chain management.The undertaking of operational management directly influences efficiencies, profit and costs torelated products and services of Marks and Spencer. This includes kids wear, men wears, womenwears and other related products and services to their customers and clients(Banks, Kerr andManecke, 2014). The management structure of Marks and Spencerprecede a 'Flat OrganizationalStructure' that has restricted levels of management between administrative level and front-lineemployees.This construction is precede to promote worker in more decision making process. Byusing flat organisational composition, there is a reduction inlayer of authority which increasesthe individual obligation of worker and their division.Therefore, this assist employees to have afast determinationfrom time to time. The role of leader and manager of Marks and Spencerlimited are discussed under below as:LeaderAccording to this, a leader has an ability to negotiate, communicate, persuade others andinfluence to things with indispensable manner to attain their goals in life. For an effective leader,1
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