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Managing Communication | Project On SP Food Pvt Ltd

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Added on  2020-02-17

Managing Communication | Project On SP Food Pvt Ltd

   Added on 2020-02-17

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INTRODUCTIONCommunication is a process in which 2 or more than 2 parties are involved where oneperson sends the information while another receives. It is an act of transferring or exchanginginformation from one place to another. In an organisation, managing communication is veryimportant for doing the work in effective and efficient manner and for maintaining therelationship with employees as well as with the customers (Gailloux and, 2012). Thisproject is based on SP Food Pvt. Ltd. which is established in Italy and deals in food sectors andalso provide online food home delivery. This report will explain the different decisions taken forinformation and knowledge that are required for making successful decision implementation fordifferent types of internal or external sources of information. It will also tell about the design thatwill help in improving the appropriateness and plan that will help in improving personalcommunication skills and changes that are important for improving the collection, formattingand dissemination of information.TASK 11.1 Decisions to be takenBy every firm, decisions are taken on a regular basis without thinking about what type ofdecision these are. In SP Food Ltd. Decision are taken on all three levels and these decision aredivided in three parts which are as follows -Strategic- these decision are taken by top level authority and is related to entirecompany. It provides direction to the company that in what way company can achieve it'sobjectives.Tactical -These decision helps in implementation of strategic decision. It looks after theavailabilities of resources like finance and human.Operational -These decision are related to day to day activities of the company.The initial decision would have been a strategic one taken by top level management. Thisdecision determines the success of a company. There are given following things that should be considered by the related authority while taking final decision which are as follows -Benefit to the business.Cost for implementing the strategy.The use of available resources.
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Implementation of time scale (Coombs, 2014).Cost analysis etc.Tactical level takes decision related to resources and helps in implementation of strategy. There are some tools like T- Chart, decision matrix etc. helps in taking decision. And at last at operational decision, managers take decision for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of company. 1.2 Information and knowledge considered for decision makingInformation and knowledge play a significant role in taking effective decision and playsan important role in modern organisation. Recently there are many alteration in the market if SPFood Company will have information or knowledge then it can easily adopts the changes and cantake decision easily. In SP Food Company have some authority for taking decision and for it theyshould have knowledge and information.Organisation have to introduce new technologies for anticipating the changes that arerequired for successful decision making, knowledge and information that are to be managed in asystematic manner for improving existing business process, new products and servicedevelopment. These all things can be done creative knowledge and apply this knowledge ininnovative manner so that it can give the desired result. Information and performance plays animportant role in decision making in every department like production, marketing departmentetc. If SP Food wants success then it should have knowledge about market (Staple and,2011). 1.3 Sources of informationVarious sources of collecting information are as follows -Internal sources -Financial -Accountant, financial controller generally holds the information related to thefinance position of the SP Foods like profit and sales.Personal and administration information The administrative information containscomplete details about manpower, their career, knowledge and productivity rate, etc. SPFood Company should keep this information for solving the salary issues.Marketing information – This information is helpful in understanding the informationabout products and services that is introduced by SP Food Company. This information isuseful to estimate the sales generated (Rossetto, 2013).
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