Managing and Developing People Assignment

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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MANAGING & DEVELOPING PEOPLEUsing Persuasion to Influence Others1. Learning objectivesBy the end of this session you should be able to:Appreciate that changing attitudes and behaviour is an important part ofusing persuasion to influence others.Understand how to use influence tactics and strategies to produceeffective outcomes with others.Use communicator credibility to help enhance your communications withfirst year students.To understand the importance of organisational currencies to help achieveproductive outcomes.Suggest how these techniques can be used when working with others.Be aware of different influencing techniques and relate these to a varietyof different situations.2.Think of a recent occasion when someone tried to persuade you to changeyour attitude to someone or something(effective sales pitch for example)Describe the incident:How did the influencer manage to persuade you to change your attitude?a.The persuader had credibilityb.The persuader was attractivec.The persuader used two-sides argumentsd.The persuader tried to frighten mee.There was pressure form others to change my mind
3.When working with others think of how you might use some of the ninegeneric influencing tactics.Working with people youknow wellWorking with people youdon’t know wellRational persuasionInspirationalappealsConsultationIngratiationPersonal appealsExchangeCoalition tacticsPressureLegitimate tactics(appeal to higherauthority)
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