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TITLE: CSR ANDITSSIGNIFICANCEFORSUSTAINABILITYANDCOMPETITIVEADVANTAGETASK 1P1 Devise project aim and objectives CSR is a process which reflects organizations responsibility for the actions whichcompany encourages to enhance positive impact through its activities for the environment,consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all public members (Mallin, 2009). InCSR, companies usually reflect their responsibilities towards environmental protection alongwith the practices they have taken to manage their social responsibilities (Hopkins, 2007). Thus,in this respect the present study has been made on Sunborn London Yacht Hotel which operatesits business in London as a small scale hotel. In this respect, benefits of CSR activities have beenstated in the present research work along with its contribution in competitive advantage. In thestudy, detailed background about corporate social responsibility have been stated so as tocomprehend the entire concept in optimistic manner. Aim The aim of present research study is to identify the importance of corporate socialresponsibility to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable development. The study hasbeen developed on Sunborn London Yacht Hotel. ObjectivesTo identify the concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development To ascertain the importance of CSR on business performance and productivity To suggest the strategies through which business can gain competitive advantage throughCSR practicesResearch questionAnalyse the role of corporate social responsibility for improving organization’sperformance?How corporate social responsibility contributes in achieving competitive advantage andsustainable benefits? 3
As stated the plan has been covering all such stages through which the entire process ofcarrying the research study will be carried out. According to the specific budget, the entire planhas been carried out which is also expected to bring quality outcomes after the completion of theresearch study (Crane and Matten, 2010). The plan will be communicated to all the respectivepeople through the means of direct contact. The plan will also assist in reducing all the risk andresources associated in the project. 4

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