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MKT302 Digital Marketing in Australia

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Digital Marketing (MKT302)


Added on  2020-02-23

MKT302 Digital Marketing in Australia


Digital Marketing (MKT302)

   Added on 2020-02-23

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0Running head: DIGITAL MARKETINGDigital MarketingName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note
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1DIGITAL MARKETING4. Haigh’s experiences a strong brand awareness in Australia, and has gained this throughstrong word of mouth promotions that came about because of its excellent products and service.They boast of a good brand recall and recognition because of a unique, favorable and strongbrand image (Kohler 2013). To make sure there is continued engagement with the customers,Haigh’s invests in having a rich online presence to serve their primary marketing objective andalso allow their customers to shop online. This method has helped Haigh’s in not only having agood sales increment, but also promoting the company to a wider range of clients and developingthe effectiveness of their distribution methods. Social media is used by Haigh’s for productpromotion, customer engagement, reduction in marketing costs and in a short time reach a widergroup of clients ( 2017). With the advent of e-commerce and social media, the traditional bricks and mortarretailing came under fire. With this situation, Haigh’s moved to servicing its customer basethrough the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and so on. With their social mediasolution Haigh’s got hold of a new seamless revenue stream that integrated with their brandplatform. With rigorous customer research in place, their Facebook and Twitter pages culminatedinto a truly responsive user interface that brought in more attention to the brand, all the wholeremaining true to their heritage. These pages acted as a steady revenue stream, which had theirinfrastructure and analytics in place so that there is no lack in providing Haigh’s with therequired functionality and information to further broaden and better their services, customerexperiences, reach and comprehend the revenue potential of these social media platforms. Theirown website is a tease for people with a sweet-tooth (Smith 2013). Haigh’s first started out with Facebook, moving on to Twitter later. Facebook should beon top of the list for Haigh’s. Facebook has the largest number of audience, but Twitter has the
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