Techniques of Motivation considered by Managers


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Leadership Management
Running head: Organizational behavior
Organizational Behavior
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Organizational behavior
Techniques of Motivation considered by Managers
In the article, the emphasis is given to the techniques of motivation executed by the
managers to improve the performance of the workers who are performing the operations in
Cerkezkoy organized the industrial site. One of the most significant factors on which the
manager focuses is related to the performance. Goals and objectives can be attained easily and
effectively if the workers of a company are effective in doing the activities. To increase the
performance and productivity of the workers in an organization Motivation is taken as an
important method by the top level management or managers (Peters, 2015).
After examining the article it has been observed that there are strength and weakness.
The thesis statement is "Motivation techniques that are executed by the managers to improve the
Workers within an organization get motivated to work if proper motivation techniques
are considered by the managers. These are the strengths that were examined by taking into
consideration the statement. Managers consider motivation technique to improve the working of
the workers and their interest to do it. Motivated employees get several advantages that are job
security, rewards and most importantly the working environment. Efficient and effective way to
improve the working of a worker within an organization is motivation. Workers implement
motivation techniques that are useful in many ways. Wage earners get permission to share their
thoughts and information efficiently. How the workers work or perform their activities get
enhanced by the motivation technique. Objectives can be attained easily by the company by
providing motivation to the workers. Motivation is something which the mindset of the people
and induce them to give their best towards the activities which are assigned to them. It an
effective technique on which emphasis should be given properly.
Therefore the situation states that there is an enhancement in the working of the workers
performing their task within a company. Methods that are taken into considerations by the
manager's help them to enhance worker's behavior and also the level of productivity. Profitability
can be attained by the organization and workers are able to earn incentive by motivation.
Weakness in the statement states that the worker's motivation level was not increased (Hall and
Davis, 2017).
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Organizational behavior
The article also covers various aspects in which the discussion is related to motivation by
focusing on the aspects of job enrichment, brainstorming and also value chain method. If these
factors are taken into consideration in a proper manner then it can be easy for the business to
develop success in the market.
So efficient steps and analysis can be considered to improve the motivation level so that
the workers within an organization gets motivated and perform their task better to achieve
objectives and goals effectively. It is very necessary to increase the level of motivation of the
workers so that they can perform better and give their best towards the organization work
(Gould-Williams, 2016).
Motivation not only increases th0e confidence level of a worker but also enhance the
organization profitability. Managers have a great role in motivating their employee's to work
better. It has been observed that employees can perform better to attain their targets and objective
if managers guide and direct them. It is one of the efficient operations that make workers
dedicated towards their work (Adler, Rodman and DuPré, 2016).
Leadership is necessary for an organization. Leaders direct their workers and make their
interest better towards their job. They feel satisfied and better by motivating their workers. By
this gets better and positive atmosphere can be created in the organization. If an employee is
motivated towards their job then they can motivate other employees too. Workers get motivated
by considering incentives. So to raise the confidence and satisfaction level of the worker's
manager's focuses on giving incentives (Pinder, 2014). If the employees are motivated then it
can be seen that they complete the assigned task with efficiency and also with dedication. When
the employees are motivated by the company then it can be seen that they achieve success in an
effective manner. There are many benefits related to motivation. The benefits can be the
requirement of the wage earner who will focus on fulfilling the need of the society. It is
important for the managers to focus on the skills and capability that should be disclosed to the
employees so that best skill can be generated by the employees. By emphasizing on the factor of
motivation it has been seen that it can be simple for the workers to conduct the activities if
proper guidance is given by the managers (Wahlgrén and Virtanen, 2015).
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