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Multiple ChoiceQuestions1.A software company has a high turnover rate. What staffing strategy would be mostappropriate?Answer: Fillingvacancies quickly with people who are able to perform with minimal job training2.An FTE is defined as:Answer: afull-time equivalent employee3.JansonEngineering has found it difficult to recruit experienced project managers to lead itsmany projects. Which of the following would be a proactive action that may help close currentand future gaps?Answer: D) All of the above4.)Which of the following isnota step in workforce planning?Answer: allof the above are steps in workforce planning5.)Employment-at-will is an employment relationship which ________.Answer: allowseither the employee or employer to terminate the employment at any time6.)Whichof the following examples would qualify the company to hire the intern as an unpaidemployee?
Answer: anaccounting student is given an opportunity to shadow one of your company’saccounting employee’s prior to starting work with the company in the fall.7.)Which of the following is the first step in the typical workforce planning process?A)Identifyingthe firm's business strategy8.)The job analysis techniquethat uses worker oriented job elements is the________.B)Jobelements method9.)In analyzing a job of a stenographer that is to be advertised as a vacancy, an employer foundthat the ________ for the job was rapid typing skills.D)Essentialfunction10.)Which of the following would be classified as a skill rather than knowledge, ability or othercharacteristics?C) Mentor and coach others11.)DAKCorporation had kept all its hiring plans on hold during the last four quarters becausethe economy was in a state of recession.DAK manufacturesoil filters, air filters, andspark plugsfor several major auto manufacturers.The company is analyzing market trends in order toreassess its hiring strategy for the coming year. Which of the following, if true, would bestsupport the argument for restarting hiring?
C)Automanufacturers have aggressively started hiring more staff.12.)A systematic process of identifying and describing the important aspects of a job and thecharacteristic a worker needs to perform the job well is a ________.B)Jobanalysis13.)Which of the following establishes a prima facie case of discrimination based on disparatetreatment?A)Plaintiffapplied for a job/promotion; the job was filled by an applicant of another race orgender14.)The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects people ________.B) 40 years of age or older15.)The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act ________.A)Ensuresthat members of the uniformed services can return to their civilian employment aftertheir military service ends16.)A hotel chain that is recruiting front desk receptionists receives 200 applications from malesand 100 applications from females. 100 out of 200 men are hired and 25 out of 100 women arehired. Which of the following statements is true of the hotel chain's hiring policy?B) There is evidence of a disparate impact of the hiring process on females as a group.17.)Which of the following is a characteristic of independent contractors?
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