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Network Customization and Optimization

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I.Network Customization and OptimizationA.Network Services NeededTechnical RequirementsThe buildings of the UMUC with LANs and WANs require the different categories of networkservices. These identified network services are needed for students, office staffs and students.Identified Proposed Network ServicesThe network services for LANs of the specified two buildings are identified with specifiedrequirements are as follows.oInternet and WWW network serviceoFile transfer and directory network servicesoWLAN and connectivity network servicesoAuthentication and authorization of resource network servicesoDatabase and file processing network servicesoInter Premise mobility and LAN access servicesoNetwork security and protection servicesoElectronic mail and messaging servicesJustificationThe LAN and interfaced WAN of two buildings of UMUC require network services to the users.Internet accessibility, file transfer, database processing etc are core network services must befacility in shared mode to users. Electronic messaging and web services with secured messagingsystem facilitate the users to send and receive the electronic mail and messages as per theinformation requirements. Security and data protection are vital requirements to protect theconfidentiality and integrity of shared information among the users of LANs [1]. Therefore,mentioned network services are core requirements for the LANs of two buildings of UMUC.B.Additional Network Devices Needed to Implement the NetworkTechnical RequirementsAdditional network servers are required to provide the stated network services to users of theLANs of two buildings of UMUC. Proposed Additional Network ServersThe proposed additional network servers required to be interfaced with LANs of the buildingsare as follows.
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oDatabase Server to provide shared data resources among the usersoEmail and SMTP server to provide email services to the usersoDirectory protocol servers to provide protected file access serviceoWeb Server to provide the global access of the information system resources.JustificationThe different categories of mentioned servers are required to provide different categories ofserver based services to the users of the two buildings of UMUC. These servers provideadditional network based services for internal and external users of the information system ofUMUC.C.Network Security Measures to be ImplementedTechnical RequirementsNetwork security is one of the core requirement to secure the network of two buildings ofUMUC. The security measures ensure the protection of network resources from unauthorized useand breaches of information system.Propose Network Security MeasuresThe required network security measures for the LANs and WAN of the UMUC buildings are asfollows.oAuthentication security measures such as password, biometric access etcoAuthorization security measures such as Access control Matrix etc.oAudit Trail security measure to identify the access historyoAnti-virus security measures.JustificationAuthentication provides the authentic access of the network resources, authorization provides theauthorized use of network resources, audit trail provides the accessed profile of different users ofthe network and antivirus protects the network data and different applications of the networkresources and server systems [2].D.Need of Network Services, Security Measures and Network Devices (Servers)Network services, security measures and network servers are required to provide secured accessof the shared network resources of network UMUC’s buildings. Mentioned network services aremain requirement for all of the users of the network. LAN and WAN security measures are veryimportant due to It is fact that the data communicates through the public network and poses somany security risks. Information hacking, data integrity breaches and unauthorized disclosure of
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confidential data of the network are provided by implementing the network security measuresonto the LAN and WAN entities such as servers and network devices [2][3]. These securitymeasures protects the network and user data from unauthorized disclosure and hacking. Antivirus and Anti Malware programs secures the data and applications of the network fromcorruption. The network devices like router, switch, cables and connectors are core requirementfor the network to be setup with star topology.E.Network Storage and Cloud Based ServicesTechnical RequirementsNetwork storage is required to store the shared data and information along with applications ofthe network. Cloud based storage system provides more secured network storage with hugecapacity [4]. Therefore, these two storages are beneficial for the network system of UMUC.Proposed Network and Cloud based StoragesThe replicated RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk) is used for local network storageand SAN network storage are required for storage repository of data and applications. SAN is atype of data center for the users of UMUC. SAN network storage is a tenant based storage whereso many users can get services by paying the usage charge. This is classified as Storage as aService but actually this service is provided by cloud service provider. The cost of the SANstorage use depends upon the use.JustificationRAID provides the replicated data storage for network data storage having the capability ofbackup and recovery of the networked data. SAN storage system provides the cloud basedstorage which is a tenant system. This SAN storage gives huge capacity to store data in datacenter serviced by third party.F.Proper Data Protection and Backup MethodTechnical Requirements Data and information protection must be proper with respect to mechanisms and technologies.The data protection is needed for disaster recovery process with the network and informationsystem of UMUC buildings.Proposed Data Protection and Backup MethodData protection and backup method are associated with the network administration UMUCbuildings.. Backing the data with regular interval to servers data must be scheduled on externalmediums such as DVD, CD, and additional Hard disks to protect data from the accidentaldamage and hardware malfunctioning.
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