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INTRODUCTIONOrganisational behaviour is considered as management process that influence control overindividual behaviour in organisation. There is strong relationship between employee’s behaviourand success of business (Rickaby and, 2017). Positive and motivated people contribute wellin accomplishing goal of business unit. Present study is based on A David & Co Limited. Itoperates its business in food and beverage industry. It is medium size firm that aims to increaseits profit and expand operations across the world. Current assignment will explain influence ofculture and power on individual and team performance. Furthermore, it will describe content andprocess theories of motivation with reference to A David & Co Limited. Study will illustratevarious factors that are essential to form an effective team and will explain team developmenttheories.LO 1P1 Impact of organisational culture, politics and power on individual and team performanceOrganisational culture and its influenceOrganisational culture can be defined a underlying beliefs and values of the firm thatcreates unique environment in the organisation. Each firm has different values, assumptions andaccordingly entities create workplace environment. This culture describes vision, system andpractices of business unit (Babalola, Gbadegesin and Patience, 2014). There are various kinds oforganisational culture:Power culture: This is the type of environment in which higher authorities have all powerand they set rules that need to be followed by each individual in the firm. This type ofculture helps in making quick decision but creates bureaucracy in workplace.Role culture: It is another type of culture in which higher authority’s gives special role toeach individual and they are liable to perform their allotted responsibilities. Role cultureis helpful in building detailed structure in which long chain of command exist andworkers cannot directly communicate with higher management, they have to followhierarchic in business unit (Horner and Swarbrooke, 2016).Task culture: This types of environment all individual work as team in order to fulfilparticular task. Power is distributed among all team members and they have to worktogether in order to complete the give task successfully.1
Person culture: In this culture, each person assumes that individual is superior inbusiness unit. In this, employees work individually and take their own decision.A David & Co Limited adopt task culture. That influence team and individualperformance to great extent (Peso and, 2014). As in this culture firm brings right people atright level those who can perform particular task properly. This helps in maintaining individualidentity and raising their efficiency as well. They all work in a team that develops bondingbetween them. This makes them positive towards brand and changes their individual behaviouras well. Furthermore, task culture is helpful in raising team performance because all people worktogether in order to achieve the organisational goal. They all work to get positive outcome. Taskculture helps A David & Co Limited in managing flexibility and changes of market significantly.Power, politics and its influencePower and politics is major element that influences organisational performance to greatextent. A David & Co Limited is the medium size firm that always treats its employees well sothat they stay in organisation for longer duration (Mu and, 2018). Positive powerencourages productivity. A David & Co Limited give power to its workers to make decision adinvolve them in decision-making process. This positive power and politics influence teambehaviour and individual performance. Because when they are being involved in each activity,then they feel valuable and this motivates staff members and makes them positive towards brand.Positive power helps in raising confidence of individuals and they perform well. This alsosupports in raising team efficiency (Turecki and Brent, 2016). Positive power and politicsenhances respects and communication in workplace. By this way healthy workplace culture getsbuild up . This supports A David & Co Limited in retaining its skilled people in business forlonger duration and improving their individual and team performance.Negative power and politics adversely affect workplace environment, people don’trespect each other and that creates conflict situation at workplace. Leaders in this situation raiseemployee’s performance by threatening them .This reduce productivity and performanceindividual. In such circumstances people implements unethical behaviour that decreasedperformance of business to great extent (Teslya and, 2014).M1Power and politics affect team and individual performance to great extent. If higherauthorities utilises their power positively then it motivates employees and they put their hard2

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