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Project ChartProject NameBattle of the BandsProject Number1Project TeamTeam RunawaysPrioritizationFirstOwner(s)Essie CrawfordStart Date:10/1/2016Scheduled Completion Date:4/15/2017Mission/ PurposeThe mission is to host the “Battle of the Bands” event where funds will be raised to support the organization "Christian City" for the program "Project Safe." The purpose of this project is to hold a fundraising event to support teen runaways and educate them of the dangers of living on the streets. Thisevent relates to the overall strategic goals and objectives of by raising funds in order to be able to continue to keep teen runaways safe and educated aboutthe streets. Raising money for this organization is a part of the program as well as the national organization to help Project Safe to spread information about teen runaways to help stop those teens that are at risk.ProjectDescription and Project ProductThis project will create a support system for teen runaways as they face the hardships that being in the street brings. It also sheds light on the subject and raises awareness for prevention This project will create a support system for runaway teens. It will also create the opportunity for school bands to perform and showcase their talents as well as give back to the community. This project will also raise money for the organization, create strength in the community and encourage students to play different instruments. I plan on completing the work that is required for this project by recruiting volunteers that are a part of this national organization experienced in putting together events such as this. The five high-level deliverables (outputs) that will be generated from the execution of this project are as follows:1. Lock in Sponsors2. Advertising : Ex. Social media3. Book the Venue & Vendors4. Complete Event 5. Total Donations and Give Recognition

Project ChartObjectivesThis project is a fundraiser in order to assist future teen runaways while providing social awareness, assistance, supplies and workshops to teen runaways in order to assist and educate them. This project will achieve the assistance of 3rd parties (i.e., sponsors through corporations, state, city and county organizations), volunteers and organization members to educate and assist teen runaways. The following goals are to be achieved through the success of this project: the organization will strengthen its partnership with 3rd parties, a direct impact in the success of a teen runaway with a high success rate in achievingprofessional success, awareness for teen runaways is increased giving the organization a dedicated purpose in serving those in need. The objective that this project is designed to meet is to raise money to keep Project safe runningefficiently. The following goals are required to meet this objective:1.Organize the event planning team2.Recruit Judges3.Advertise for bands to compete4.Find venue to hold event5.Set event date and timeBusiness NeedThe reason why we should do this project because there are up to 2.8 millionteens run away from home each year. Through this event, Project Safe will gain more recognition which will allow for more teenagers to feel comfortable enough to contact Project Safe and get off the streets. This eventwill help runaway teenagers in our community to receive information about what resources are available to them and how they can help themselves rise above the obstacles that living on the streets might pose. There is a grave financial reason to do this project because the Christian Cityprovides care for hundreds of residents every day. Revenue from governmentsources and insurance does not cover operating costs, the reinvestment needed to keep facilities up to date and in good operating order, nor investment in new programs, services and facilities. Because of this, they aredependent upon the generosity of individuals, civic organizations, businessesand foundations to assist.Project Safe would benefit from this event by increasing awareness and improving morale of the members in the community. Project Safe will gain publicity through this event which will bring in teenagers who can utilize their services. This project will also raise funds to assist in keeping the

Project Chartorganization to run efficiently and help more of our teenagers.Milestones Key milestones for this project are as follows:a.10/3/16-12/29/16: Contract sponsors for assistance b.10/3/16-12/29/16: Develop partnerships with locations for events c.1/10/17: Achieve social recognition for cause through social media prior to events d.1/24/17: Contractual agreements for advertisement e.1/15/17-3/27/17: Event recognition on social media and advertisements from partners f.4/1/17: Event feedback and support g.4/5/17: Raised at least 80% of the goal of $10,000. This means the event raised at least $8,000 in monetary donations, toiletries, clothes, etc.. h.4/15/17: 90% of the surveys turned in at the end of the event show that community members found this a supportive and non-threatening environment i4/15/17: 90% of the surveys turned in at the end of the event show that community members found this resourceful and informativej.4/15/17: 90% of the surveys turned in at the end of the event show that community members found this worth their time k.4/15/17: 90% of the surveys turned in at the end of the event show that community members would attend this event or one similar in the future l.10/3/16-4/3/17: Social awareness to increase assistance m.4/10/17: Lock in future partnerships with participating sponsors to hold annual eventsBudgetThe anticipated budget is as follows:Estimated Labor0.00Estimated Materials75.00Estimated Contractors0.00Estimated Equipment and Facilities0.00Estimated Travel250.00

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