Stick it to Cancer Carnival Project Charter


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PROJECT SCOPE STATEMENTProject NameStick it to Cancer Carnival!Project NumberProject ManagerAlexandra Bickett, James Packer, Mandy Niijar, Terri JohnstonPrioritizationOwner(s)American Childhood Cancer Organization
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Statement of Work—ProjectDescription andProject ProductThe following is the work break down of the project scope statement:-1.Initiation Phasea.Identification of project objectiveb.Developing the project charterb.1. Risk assessmentb.2. Risk prioritization c. Approval of project charter c.1. Review by sponsors 2. Planning Phase a. Development of project scope b. Development of a project plan b.1. Identification of resources b.2. Identification of time limitation c. Development of a budget d. Approval of a project plan 3. Execution Phase a. Determining the required size of venue b. Approval of the land c. Determining the required hardware and software d. Organizing talent and attractions e. Required volunteers for emergency services f. Availability of funds 5. Controlling Phase a. Monitoring the project b. Observing the results c. Regular status of the project 4. Close-out Phase a. Completion of project b. Sending appreciation notes to the fund raisers
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TASKDESCIPTIONHOW WILL THETASK BE DONEWHO WILL BE INVOLVEDWHEN WILL BETHE TASK DONEInitiationIdentification of project objectiveAnalyzing the carnival goals.PROJECT MANAGER7/11/16Developing the project charterConsult with the sponsors and develop the charterPROJECT MANAGER ANDTEAM MEMEBRS7/11/16Approval of project charterSend project charter to sponsors for approvalSPONSORS9/11/16PlanningProject manager will do it by assessing the current project requirementPROJECT MANAGER9/11/16ExecutionDetermining the required size of venueFrom the past experienceTEAM MEMBERS9/11/16Approval of the landConsulting with local authorityLOCAL AUTHORITY9/11/16Determining the required hardwareand softwareBy hiring softwareand hardware analystPROJECT MANAGERS AND TEAM MEMBERS9/12/16Organizing talent and attractionsConsulting local agenciesTEAM MEMBERS9/18/16Required volunteers for emergency servicesDistributing pamphlets for vacancy.TEAM MEMBERS9/18/16Availability of fundsRaising funds from different organizations and individualsPROJECT MANAGERS9/18/16ControllingBy hiring control managersPROJECT MANAGERS AND TEAM 10/16/16
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