Streamlining Sales with SalesforceIQ CRM


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Proposed Solution:The proposed solution for Mr. Montgomery’s business is the customer relationship management(CRM) software known as SalesforceIQ CRM. This software is cloud based solution which will help Mr. Montgomery in increasing sales and profitability by allowing his team to spend less time on admin and more on accelerating the sales. The salesforce application can be accessed from any device which simplifies the salespeople to record order’s information instantaneously in cellphone/tablet. Especially for growing business like Trusty Carpets, SalesforceIQ CRM is perfect because of its ability to handle unlimited workflows and integrations. SalesforceIQ focuses on building good customer relationships by allowing business to use thousands of applications via the AppExchange quickly and efficiently. Lastly the leverage to use the proposed solution without the need of additional IT staff is best for Trust Carpet’s scenario[ CITATION Sal17 \l 1033 ]. In this way, Trusty Carpet can solely focus on achieving salesand business goals leaving the IT issues behind to 3rd party, Salesforce. ReferencesSalesforce.com, inc. (2017). Get everything you need to start selling smarter today. Retrieved from salesforce: https://www.salesforce.com/products/salesforceiq/features/
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