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Running Head: PUBLIC RELATIONS 1Public Relations
Public Relations 2Part 1 The communication tools like newsletter and blogs are important marketing tools for the organizations. In the present case, the marketing tool of newsletter is taken to reach the target audience. The organization Spacer is the biggest growing community for the self-storage. The people can connect with each other to share their space which can range from parking space to an extra room. The tenants can store thing in different shapes and size like a boat, caravan, car orfurniture. The organization is in its initial development stage; therefore, it requires strong marketing and promotional activities (Smith, 2016). The target audience of the organization can be divided into two sections, the first comprise of the lodgers or the tenants whereas the second includes property-owners. The current newsletter will target both the target markets. The purposeof the marketing communication is to raise awareness and to encourage people to take the services of company. The rationale for using newsletter is that it is economic and has a wide outreach. The primary customers of the organization are the families in the middle-age group. If the target customers are differentiated according to their income level, then they are come in the category of middle-income group. In the present times, most of the people are using internet for communicating or some other purpose. They also have a habit of reading newspapers and like to remain updated with the current affairs. Therefore, this communication tool can prove beneficial for the organization. The newsletter of the organization will be distributed by email or on the company’s website. Different resources are required for designing the effective newsletters, suchas, market researcher, newsletter designing and publishing (Egan, 2014). The organization has toresearch its target market and collect the email addresses of the target market. Moreover, it also needs to design the newsletter so that it appeals to the target audience in the best manner.
Public Relations 3Initially, the prototype of the newsletter design will be sent to the marketing managers for the approval process, then after, if it is approved it will be sent for the complete deigning and production process.

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