Globalization can drive business success

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Research Form
Research Proposal Form
Student Name: ______________________ Student ID: ____________
Centre Name: _____________________
Tutor: ________________ Date: ___________________
Unit: ____________________
Proposed Title: ______________________________________________
Section One: Title, objective, responsibilities
Title or working title of the research project (in the form of a question, objective or
“How globalisation can drive business success.” A study on Unilever PLC.
To understand the role of globalisation in driving business success. A study on
Unilever PLC.
Research objectives (e.g what is the question you want to answer? What do you
want to learn how to do? What do you want to find out?):
Research objectives
To study the basic concept of globalisation.
To determine the factors which assist in driving business success of Unilever PLC.
To analyse the role of globalisation on organisational success in terms of productivity.
Research questions
Do you have knowledge about globalisation of business ?
Which of the following factors mainly gives positive impact on business success of
Unilever PLC ?
What is the role of globalisation on organisational success in terms of productivity ?
Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research project
Reasons for choosing the project (e.g links to other subjects you are studying,
personal interest, future plans, knowledge/skills you want to improve, why the
topic is important):
the reason behind selecting this topic is : in current market there is more scope of
operating in international level. It is essential to understand what are the policies
which might affects working of association at international level. As at international
level, many policies are changing place with frequent speed. Hence this study
provides complete information about it. At international level, there are many factors
which are changing in international market so this study makes more specific and
relevant. This study also gives assistance in starting and operating business at
international level.
Section Three: Literature sources searched
Use of key literature sources to support your research question, objective or
Concept of globalisation
Globalisation refers to the process through which business operations of organisation are
planning for operating in more than one country. There is increment in operations of
organisation because they can perform actions with boundary less factors. There is difference
in tax policies which has to be kept in mind by managers to get positive impact on business
growth and development. According to Carol Woods, 2019 There are two types of
globalisation i.e. product and market globalisation. When organisation is thinking to enter in
new market with existing product and services, then it is known as market globalisation. But if
there is product globalisation,then material is selected from other countries. At international
level, it is important to make quality factor in mind.
Factors which assist in driving business success of Unilever PLC
At international level, there are many changes which are taking place such as legal laws and
regulations, political policies, norms, etc. so it is essential fort managers of Unilever to
understand it and make it clear so it can be implemented. According to Rieva Lesonsky, 2019
there are four factors which has to be considered for driving business success i.e. competitors,
demographic market, geographical market, industry. There is requirement of complete and
specific information about new market about new market which makes it easy to understand
which policies has to be framed. There is requirement of proper communication technique
through which it is easy to communicate with workers and make them understood about areas
which for which they are responsible. There is difference in taste and presences of consumers,
so managers of Unilever have to understood it properly to gain good brand image.
Role of globalisation on organisational success in terms of productivity
Globalisation is the process through which organisation can perform business operations in
better and effective manner. As per change in working style of consumers, there is increment
in consumer base as well. So there is increment in productivity and profitability of
organisation. As per view of Fredrik Erixon, 2019 globalisation leads to business growth and
development when managers take care about external market factor and frame business
policies accordingly. For instance: there is change in demand of consumers and there is
requirement of hand cream, so Unilever launches hand cream through which consumers refers
to avail services from them. There are many organisation which are operating in international
market, hence it is crucial for maintaining cost of products and services for consumers. While
working at international level, Unilever is able to achieve economies of scale under which
they can maintain manufacturing cost of products.
Woods, C., 2019. What Is Globalization of Business? - Definition, Impact & Effects. [Online].
Available through: <
Lesonsky, R., 2019. 4 Market Factors You Should Monitor for Business Success. [Online].
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Erixon, F., 2019. The Economic Benefits of Globalization for Business and Consumers.
[Online]. Available through: <
Section Four: Activities and timescales
Activities to be carried out during the research project (e.g
research, development and analysis of ideas, writing, data
collection, numerical analysis, tutor meetings, production of final How long this will

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