Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Report

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INTRODUCTIONThis report will explain a transportation company namely Your Destination who iscompeting with National Express. They deals in cab, van, aircraft, buses transportationservices (Black, 2013) (Chamorro-Mera, Miranda and Rubio, 2014). They want toexpand their business and compete with National Express Company. Therefore, theywant to give responsibilities of expansion to marketing managers as well as recruitingmarketing officers to help with the expansion of the business. The roles andresponsibilities of the marketing officers and departments will be touched on with asupporting proposed structure and operations of the marketing department. There isrequirement of proper planning to business objectives achievable. There is a discussionabout marketing budget, which helps to set standards, and actual performance.In thisassignment there is detailed description about elements of marketing mix which helps toknow how marketing can be more effective.Business has many issues, which have to be resolved to provide it growth. There arepossibilities that company can achieve business objectives through coping up withexternal as well as internal factor. Companies facing many changes hence there isrequirement to frame policies, which are dynamic and flexible.Different departments inorganization work as a team to achieve goals and objectives in meeting the needs ofthe business (Asaduzzaman, Hossain and Rahman, 2014). Due to this, businessactivities interlink as well as interacting to meeting the business objectives. In anorganization, the marketing department is an important unit to increase sales. Marketingdepartment conveys information to consumer related to product and services. It isessential that marketing manager must contain knowledge so they can satisfy customer.These days scope of marketing manager is increasing. Big as well as smallorganizations are working to achieve business objectives. It is essential that companyhave to frame policies after considering nature of product and services. There are manyissues which company has to face while framing different policies. There are manyemployees working in organization. They have their own skills and qualities. Some ofthem have good convincing power; such people are suitable for marketing purpose.Due to change in business, environment organization has to perform activities, whichare better for their growth. There is requirement of some value addition to product andservices to make good and long relations with customer. As scope of marketing
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