Room Division and Operation Management Report

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INTRODUCTIONIn Hospitality sector, the room service division and operation management plays a verycrucial role by which all activities and functions of room operation management can effectivelycarry out by company(McCabe, 2010). With help of systematic operation management,management of the hotel can achieve its determined objective in most excellent manner. Thecurrent report discuss the services offered by the hotel and its impact on the contemporarymanagement.1.1 Explanation about the accommodation and front office service for different companiesIn the accommodation sector there are several kinds of hotels like three stars, four starsand five stars.In the four star and five star hotels have several kinds of similarities anddifferences. In order to discuss the accommodation and front office service for variouscorporation two hotels are chosen one is B&B and second one is Cruises.The B& B is the fivestar hotel and Cruise is four star hotels of London(Li and Wang, 2010). The five star hotelprovides ultimate luxuries and sophisticated accommodation services to its customers. In thiskind of the hotel, there are luxurious facilities related to accommodation such as Granites, doublevanities electronic system etc.In the five star hotel, staff member works for 10 to 14 hours untiltheir guest check in to till they departure from the hotel.On the other hand in the context of fourstare hotels there are upgraded accommodation service and also comprises the room ofcustomers. In this hotel, staff member works for limited hours along with front office service.1.2 Description about the roles and responsibilities of a range of accommodations and receptionservice staffIn the five star hotel, staff member have great roles and responsibility to their guest asthey provide effective services and attention according to their requirement and needs. They haveanother role and responsibility is to offer food and beverage services for 24 hours. In this hotelreception service is also opened or 24 hours (Kusluvan and, 2010). On the other hand in thefour star hotel, reception serviceis opened for 18 hours along with facilities of 24 hours phoneaccessibility for customers.3
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