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Sarah Alatiya 27/10/2016Game DescriptionIntroductionI’m writing this document to describe the 3D Game which I will be developing using Unity and plan it out. Planning the game out will make it easy for me to start the development as Iwill know what I’m developing exactly because it’s all already written in this document. If I ever forget the design of the game or anything else, then I can just get back to this document. Overview The game I’m going to be developing is going to be a simple game, easy to play and not hardto develop as I’m still new to Unity, therefore I didn’t want my game to be hard to create. The game will be Popping balloons game. The user needs to pop as many balloons as they can in the shortest time possible to win and move to the next level. The balloons are going to keep moving from bottom to top so the player need to pop the top ones fast before the bottom new ones come. There is going to be a specific time for each level and the player hasto pop all of the balloons before the time finishes to win the level. It’s going to start with 30 seconds and the seconds will go less each time we go up with the levels. There will be a hidden surprise in some balloons when they are popped. It could be a good surprise or a bad one, the player will not know until they pop it! Sometimes they get more souls, more money or they can get less time! The player can use the Moues button to pop the balloons.The game goal or the aim of my game is to entertain people and improve their focusing and balancing skills, teaches them how to reach goals and stay on track and move fast. If the player doesn’t click on the right button at the right time, then the balloons will not get popped and will go and the new ones will replace them. therefore, the player will lose and a message will appear saying “Game over” including two buttons titled as “Try Again” to replay the game again and try to win and get to the next level or “Exit” to exit the game. Thegame has levels meaning when the player reaches the end and pop all of the balloons and no more balloons start appearing then they’ll win (A message will appear saying “You’ve won!”) and go to the next level. The further the player goes with the levels, the harder the game will get. The playability of the game will be very simple, everyone can play it as it’s very easy to play, and it just requires the player to focus. The player will only be using the four buttons (left, right, up and back). The game will be very fun to play as it involves levels which will make the player want to play it more and reach the highest levels. Also, it includes background music for the player not to get bored as well as happy sound when the player wins and sad sound when the player loses. Colourful background and images will be included in the gameas well. Even though the game is easy to play, however it’s hard to reach the end of the level and win but it’s not impossible. It’s a very challenging game, it will include 5 levels and the levels
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