Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing

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WEEK7 E-PORTFOLIO2Mobile MarketingOne of the strategies of digital marketing is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing aims atreaching individuals with tablets, smartphones, email, as well as applications. However, it isworth noting that the availability of mobile disrupts the manner in which mingle with brands. Inthis society, everything gets done at the press of a button. Computers have been integrated inmobile phones making things even easier (Marketo 2017). Activities like viewing or sendingemails have been made easier by just clicking through mobile applications. With the advent ofmobile phones, the following considerations should be made:1.About 80% of individuals using the internet have smartphones.2.Tablets and smartphones as mobile platforms host to as much as sixty percent of digitalmedia for the U.S alone.3.According to the anticipations of Google, mobile devices’ search queries surpass thosefor desktop searches.On the contrary, it is worth noting that effective advertisement via mobile platformsmeans that an organization has to understanding what the mobile audience seems to look like,have content designed with mobile platforms as the basis of the same, and strategically employthe SMS/MMS market (Marketo 2017).Purchasing via FacebookOne of the goods I ever bought through Facebook is a pair of shoes. An online storehappened to have placed an ad on Facebook that ran through my wall. Having been attracted tothe quality of the pair against a good price tagged onto them, I clicked on the banner andtransacted for the shoes. Such simple!
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