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Special Needs Children In Early Childhood Education Assignment

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Added on  2019-10-18

Special Needs Children In Early Childhood Education Assignment

   Added on 2019-10-18

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Special needs children in early childhood education SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION.Introduction: Special needs children are the one who requires special attention due to their disabilities. There are two bodies like IEP and IFSP for the development of a child (Janson, A. 2018). In the center, there are no children with the disability, hence would recommend option B with scenario3.Solutions:1.The three goals which I would Like to incorporate in the child’s IEP or IFSP are:a) IEP needs to take care of education and teach a child few American Sign Language. It primarily includes the activities that could sharpen the mind of the child and would be quite useful in enhancing his self-confidence.
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Special needs children in early childhood education b) IFSP would have to provide relevant information to the parents and the child about the challenges and situations the child might face. The information could be like the struggles and hurdles a child may face, being a toddler and what will be the consequences he would go through in his adolescence.c) IEP would have to aid so that the child could take part in general curriculum. The co-curricular activities are immensely essential for developing one’s mind. After 3 years these activities would help the child groom and encourage him to stand hand in hand(Crossman, M. K.2015).2.The child could indulge in different activities. The two main activities are listed below:a) Solving puzzles. To develop the cognitive skills, the child could be taught to solve the puzzles, to make thebrain think and re-think. Hence, strengthening the process of thinking and problem solving, which is indeed a prominent part of development.b) Toddler-Play Scrabble. It is the type of brainstorming activity which helps to build the sharpness of mind and makes them aware of alphabets. This would help the child to learn.c) Arts and Crafts To make the child think out of the box, this activity plays a crucial role. It helps to bring creativity in the thinking process.3.For a 25-old toddler there are certain activities that need to be modified is the play activitya) Encouraging group activity instead of individuality: playing brick game together It helps to boost the child by working in groups and getting aware of the new ways by which the game could be played.b) Games which portrays sharing The good habits are infused from an early stage so that they can built those traits in themselves like, sharing toys would make him more of a sharing person than self-centered.
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Special needs children in early childhood education c) Motivational storytelling The story should be more of good values and morale so that the it boosts the child.4.The play activities for the child that must be developed includes:a) Listening rhymes It will enhance the concentration and patience to listen and grasp the language. Thus, making the it filled with both learning and leisure.b) Music The game which has a record of benefitting most of the children. while playing game, the instructor can make them to initiate learning musical rhymes in tunec) Hide and Seek This could be played by hiding the toys of a child, while the other children finding it by searching it at different places making them run and thus making them feel joyful. They could learn being patient in finding things which seems to be lacked in many children. The learning area will be patience and d) Simple card games For instance, wildlife card or fruits card, by which they could easily keep the name of animals in mind and would gradually develop the thinking ability. A must activity to enhancethe skill of self-development.The child will be able to recognize the pictures.5.Child could be made independent by:a) Understanding his needs and motivating. Independency is the capability to be free handed. The caregiver can help in making the child fly to his dream by understanding his aspirations and showing him the path of being boosted always. The child has to be ensured that he follows good values and puts his things inan orderly manner. For instance, one will ensure the child places his books and pen in a proper place after studying.b) Setting the stage for the child
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