Recruitment and Selection, Employee Retention and Employee Right and Privacy

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Running head: STATEMENT OF RESEARCHTopic: Statement of ResearchName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
STATEMENT OF RESEARCH1IntroductionA preliminary literature review has been conducted by focusing on the topicRecruitmentand Selection, Human Resource Retention, and Employee Rights and Privacy. Emphasizing ontalent management either through internal sourcing or through external agencies is one of themost important decision-making stakeholder management approaches that constructsorganizational sustainability. The first stage for talent acquisition is recruitment, which helps inaccumulating pool of suitable candidates. Through series of tests the most suitable candidates areselected, who are finally placed in an organization. Later strategic initiatives for retaining thosecandidates are actualized that help in employee retention. On the other hand, employee right andprivacy maintenance indicate their satisfaction and unbiased flow of performance.Often it isfound that proper employee privacy is ignored by organizations, which showcases negativeworkplace culture and eventually this raises question on the type of employees who wererecruited and the effectiveness of employee privacy policies that are maintained.Literature GapConsidering the literature and the articles that were reviewed earlier, it has been foundthat the authors mostly highlighted the process of recruitment and selection and the considerableimpact. The sources of recruitment, impact of workplace flexibility, impact of workplacecommunication, impact of rewards and recognition, impact of individual differences betweenemployers and employees and suitable employee retention policies that are common amongorganizations are well explored and analyzed. However, considering the main topic, it is clearthat authors did not focus ofenhancing employee privacyfor retaining them. Moreover, eventhough all areas of recruitment and selection has been described butfuture recommendations
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