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Study on NatureCare Products

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Added on  2020-05-08

Study on NatureCare Products

   Added on 2020-05-08

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Task 2
INSTRUCTIONS:NatureCare Products is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and commenced
business in 2006 manufacturing and retailing eco-friendly, high quality beauty skin
care products. The business was established to cater for a growing demand for skin
products that contain eco-friendly and natural ingredients. There is also an emphasis
on eco-friendly packaging.
The company has a range of products (not organically certified) currently that include:
Cleansing creams to soothe skin during make-up removal. Primary ingredients
include Shea butter to nourish the skin and plant extracts that are also rich in
essential oils with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. This product will
be for delicate and mature skins and could also be used as a baby cream.
Multi Protection Day Moisturising Creams for dry to normal skin types that
help protect the skin during the day and includes Shea butter and extracts from
fragile green algae that provides hydrating and protective properties.
Regenerating facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and to promote
regeneration of healthy new cells. This product will be used for most skin types.
The company has become well established in the Australian market and sells its
products in health stores across the country. It also sells its products online through its
own website. The company targets customers that want high quality, eco-friendly
products. The company’s target customers are currently professional women aged 25
– 55. The current strategy of the company as identified in its latest Marketing Plan is
niche marketing to the target group based on positioning the products as high quality
and eco-friendly. The company is in a strong financial position as shown in its Business
Study on NatureCare Products_1
Company staff include the CEO, General Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing
Officer and Administration/Project Officer and a receptionist.
The company has not previously undertaken formal market research. The research is
now required to assist in growing the company through identification of new products
and/or new markets.
Due to lack of staff time, it has been identified that external consultants should be
used to conduct the primary market research. A budget of $30,000 has been allocated
for this primary research. Staff time only will be required for the secondary research
and so will not attract specific costs.
Management has indicated the following information for use in developing the
required market research policies and procedures:
External consultants should be used to conduct primary market research.
Market research must be completed within two months of commencement.
A market research report must be completed at the end of the market research
summarising the research and providing recommendations.
You, in the role of Marketing Manager, have been given the role of the Project Manager
for this market research.
Study on NatureCare Products_2
Market Research Project Plan
NatureCare Products
Written and prepared by:
Detail the purpose of the research.
The purpose of the research is to conduct a primary and secondary market research for
NatureCare Products. The company aims to strengthen its market penetration by niche
marketing and catering to more specific demands of its consumers.
Market research objectives
List your key market research objectives
The four key market research objectives of NatureCare are as follows:
1. To initiate niche marketing.
2. To cater more specifically to its customer segments.
3.To identify new products and markets.
4.To position its products as high quality and eco-friendly.
Market research methods and activities
List market research information/methods to be employed based on your research of the most
appropriate market research methods.
The market research team would carry out primary methods of information collection
like survey and interview. They would conduct survey to gain more appropriate information
about the consumption patterns of the target customers. The staff would interview the
existing customers about their experience of using the products of NatureCare and about their
Study on NatureCare Products_3
new requirements. Then they can use the information to design the new products, which the
company is aiming to introduce into the market.
Stakeholder engagement and reporting
Outline who the stakeholders are and when and how they will be communicated with.
The stakeholders for the market research and the subsequent introduction of new
products into the market are customers, employees, suppliers, logistics, marketing
companies engaged in the marketing of the products of NatureCare and shareholders.
NatureCare must inform the shareholders by holding meetings before they actually
start the project of new product launch. The employees too have to be informed by their
departmental heads in advance. The suppliers have to informed in advanced in written forms
like emails and letters and through conferences to inform them about the new requirements of
the raw materials. NatureCare must inform the logistics companies and the marketing
companies about the new products, their attributes and prices. This would help these two
stakeholders to frame their distribution and marketing strategies respectively. The company
can then advertise the products through the marketing companies to create demands about the
new environment friendly products. The marketers must stress on the different variants in
which the products would available in the market. The distributors can then make the
products available in the market according to the needs of the customers.
Detail timelines:
NatureCare needs to again support of five types of stakeholders namely, customers,
employees, shareholders, suppliers, logistics companies and marketing companies within two
months. The company is required to inform the shareholders about the capital requirements to
support the new product strategy of introducing eco-friendly high quality products to achieve
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