The Central Feature of Every Organization

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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTHuman Resource ManagementName of StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTHuman Resource ManagementReflective JournalIntroductionHuman Resource Management is considered as the central feature of every organizationwhether it is a big organization or a small organization. Experts have realized the role of humanresources, which has an immediate impact on the organizational performance outcomes and theyshould be well aligned with the corporate goals of the firm. The human resource functions of thefirm comprise of strategic planning, management of the diversity, recruitment and selection,work-life balance and ethical treatment. The HR management should have diverse skills as wellas expertise so that they can fulfill the expectations of the employees and the management. Theimplementation of HR policies remains a big challenge for the HR managers. This paper would aim to provide a reflective journal comprising of analysis, feedbackcoupled with the various reflection theories. Their application along with practical knowledgewould also be defined. Human Resource ManagementThe first week of the human resource management class gave introductory idea aboutpractice of HRM in Australia. It is an important component in the development of businessstrategy that can be effectively implemented in the organizations. I believe that the vitalfunctions of HRM comprises of the employee development, recruitment, selection, retention and
2HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTjob design. I agree with the fact that the organization has huge duty of recruiting right personswith right skills. I am so excited about this unit and I am eager to join Australian workforce. Strategic Human Resource ManagementThe strategic human resource management is considered as one of the main factors of HRas it defines various strategies for being competitive in the market. This addresses the differenttypes of competitive challenges of the organization and how the company would be able tohandle them. There are different kinds of strategies involved in the HRM such as training andeducation, job satisfaction, organizational development, job security and others. For the purposeof improvement of the current job role, it is important to engage in training. The development isnot only related to the job role of the individual but it is also related with the overall well beingof individuals and development of necessary skills. The training can be either long term trainingor short term one. It is important to perform SWOT analysis to successfully identify the strength,weaknesses, opportunities and threats.One of the examples of the short term goal is the apprenticeship program, which isoffered to the university students. This program has particular duration, which is being doneunder the supervision of a senior employee or there is the introduction of a buddy system. On thesuccessful completion of the program, the company is willing to apply for another student or agroup of students and by this way the apprenticeship program would continue. One moreexample can be seen in the case of contractual positions. On the completion of a contractualproject, the employment gets over and a new contract can be developed with a new project. Inthis case, the sustainability or the long-term program can be considered as the most problematicarea. HR should take an active part in making the employees happy and satisfied. One of the

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