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Travel and Tourism Management in Turkey and Spain

Added on - 02 Jan 2021

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Target strategy for promotionalcampaignsSegmenting: the company willsegment travels according todemographic factors.Targeting: will target families andgroups as it is specifics summervacation trip.Positioning: according to potentialtravellers every year.PLAN FOR INTEGRATED PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNIntegrated campaign planning is more in-depth than just co-ordinating different media channels, brand marketer applyingthese methodologies to their everyday campaigns matter ofcourse.Successful integration require multi-channel media planningskills performance tracking and data interoperation capabilities.INTEGRATED NATURE ROLE OF THE PROMOTIONAL MIXPromotional mix is fourth marketing mix it consists a sales promotion, personal selling advertising and publicrelations. It defines how marketing managementwill be done for attaining objectives or promotionalcampaigns.Product- First choice fives deals summerholiday2019 in this they provide various facilitiesto their customersthey provide proper entertainment and accommodations, transportations and food facilities for thecustomers.Place- They give promotions for first 20 booking for discount deals to customer can attract with their offers.They give prime destination placesPromotions- For promotions TUL group will implements promotions tools such as newspaper advertisements,social media advertisements etc.People-Trips will specifically organize for family and groups.REFERENCESBooks and JournalsAslan, A., 2016. Does tourism cause growth? Evidencefrom Turkey.Current Issues in Tourism.19(12).pp.1176-1184.CONCLUSIONIn this above report it concluded the travel and tourism inhospitality industry provide various services to customerwhich fulfil customers’ needs and their demands organizeholidays at turkey and Spain.Objectives of promotional campaignsTo attracts travellers for the trip to turkey and Spain,To implement the use of social media advertising,INTRODUCTION.In hospitality industry, travel and tourism sector provides many services topeople like accommodation, transportation, food, housekeeping, etcTRAVEL AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT IN TURKEY ANDSPAIN
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