Unique Selling Proposition Assignment

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NOBLEReduces CholesterolHigh quality Raw Materials is usedAddition of PromOatBeta glucan soluble fibres, “Biovelop B”.Available in different flavours.Unique selling proposition will be used asthe selling technique.By "making customers the hero", Marksand Spencer can increase the sales. For this,the role of entity is of mentor, it helpsconsumer in stating that what has changes. Marketing mixSales TechniqueProduct DescriptionTV and RadiosInvolvingfitnessmodels/celebritiesinadvertisementsSocial Media PlatformsGuerrilla marketing: graffitiand attractive flyers."The greatest wealth is health"; following this, the present world is highlyconscious for their health and fitness. As Marks and Spencer is always focused onthe rising needs and demands of customers, in this way, the development ofcholesterol lowering juice, Novel is an impelling idea.The developed product, is unique in itself.There exists a wide range of juices that arehaving no sugar and carbs but the conceptof rendering a type of juice that lowers thecholesterol will help Marks and Spencer toattract a larger customer base. Competitive PositionSTPMarketing Tools Marks and Spencer has added afeature of lowering the cholesterolwith juice, Novel. This is the reasonbehind differentiation of productfrom that of competition. Unique Selling Proposition Fuller, G.W., 2016.New food product development: from concept to marketplace. CRC Press.Payne, A., Frow, P. and Eggert, A., 2017. The customer value proposition: evolution, development, and application in marketing.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, pp.1-23.REFERERNCESUnique selling propositionMedium pricing structure. M&S outlets, Major retail stores and OnlineNoble”, a cholesterol lowering juicePRODUCTPLACEPROMOTIONPRICE

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