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Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-12

Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-12

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Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment_1
Executive SummaryOrganisations and behavior denotes all respective behaviors of management and otheroperational system of organisations significantly. This report study represents various specificand signified points which cover up all respective personalities and attitudes of organisationalbehavior to provide a conceptual idea regarding the topic to all the people significantly.However, those points include relationship between organisational structures and culture,different approaches to management and leadership, using motivational theories in organisationsand various mechanisms for the development of organisations significantly. However, in detail,factors that influence individual behavior in organisations, leadership styles, organisationaltheories and strategies, impact of technology, factors that help to evaluate teamwork effectively,nature of groups and group behavior within organisation are all highlighted points and steps andprovide evaluative and explorative ideas and information regarding organisational behaviorinfluentially.2
Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment_2
Table of Contents3
Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment_3
Organisational behavior includes proper and marketing behavior of management ofrespective organisations which help to provide effective and fruitful development to businessorganisations adequately. In this report study, two respective organisations have been included inorder to provide and analysis various organisational behaviors of their management so thatpeople can be able to get effective and fruitful perspectives regarding organisational behavior inhighlighted way. The problem statement of the report study is to analyze every possible and respectivebehavior of employees, employers, their working styles, theories and motivation and so on.However, by providing all these points in this report study, people get all the possible ideasrespectively.Report 1LO1 Understanding the relationship between organisational structure and culture1.1 Comparing and contrasting different organisational structures and cultureOrganizational structures and culture are some management designs which helpindustries to perform their business transactions with effort. In this respect, it should be informedthat organisational structures can bring profit and can attract customers towards their businessproducts and services as well (Scott and Davis, 2015, p.104). Along with these, it is also to bementioned that the way in organisational structures work together can able to create theirworking environment and culture adequately. However, there are several organisational structures as well. Those are workspecialization, departmentalization, chain of command, span of control, tall and narrow,centralization and decentralization and matrix culture as well. Culture denotes power culture,role culture, team culture, person culture and so on.In this respect, it is to be specified that City College is following work specializationstructure significantly. City College has several working perspectives for all the employeesadequately. In this respect, every employee is performing jobs per their responsibilities and inthis way, they are specializing in significant working perspective as well. Regarding culture, thiscollege is following power culture as well. 4
Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment_4
The working transactions are running by following and by listening one’s respectivecommands as well (Riggio, 2015, p.123). Therefore, employees of this college are working inpower culture. They cannot express or explore their own thoughts regarding job strategies.Figure 1: Organisational Structure of Enterprise Rent-a-Car(Source: Newman, 2013, p.497)Enterprise Rent-a-Car organisation is significantly following chain of commandorganisational structure and role culture as well. Chain of command structure involves thestructure of communication, authorization of working perspectives among employees. Oneshould authorize a respective command or work and then spread among all employees in way ofa chain. In this way, they must work according to the chain of command significantly. Regarding culture, it is to be mentioned that every organization has some specific andsignified role inside the industry as well. However, these roles are together known as role culturerespectively. Persons work according to their roles and do not help in other’s work noticeably. Organization structure: it is a system used to define a hierarchy within the organization. It defines each job, it function, and where it reports to within the enterprise. Rent a car uses flat structure for proper functioning of the company. Flat structure is termed as having very small number of layers in the company's organizational chart. In this type structure has all employees reporting directly to the president and each manager has large number of direct reports. Whereas city college use horizontal structure for its functioning. Horizontal structure has less defined chain of command. In this type of structure each employee have defined duties and people work in teams. Unlike flat structure employees reports to several supervisors rather than asingle boss.5
Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment_5
Organization culture:It is defined as the unique personality of an enterprise. It is a system of shared values, beliefs and assumptions which determines how people will behave within the organization. Rent a car uses task culture in the company which refers all values, ethics and behaviors and organization tries to inculcate in the workers minds to create a unique social environment where every worker collaborate with other. Each department in this type of culture is the pillar of the enterprise.City college uses role culture in which all individuals are assigned a specific role or roles1.2 Explaining the impact of relationship between an organisation’s structure and cultureIt has been already mentioned above that there are a number of organisational structuresand cultures subsequently. But every organisational structure has a close knit and relationshipwith specific and significant organisational culture respectively. In this respect, it is to behighlighted that this relationship between structure and culture helps business organisations torise up their business transactions and also to acquire a reputed market position in theirmarketplace as well. Work specialization and teamwork are closely related with each other respectively. Thisis because work specialization is an organisational structure through which employeesspecialized in their working perspectives as well (Pettigrew, 2013, p.105). However, teamworkculture is innovative rather essential in every business organisation respectively. Teamworkhelps employees to work in a team and therefore, they do not face any difficulty regarding theirworking perspectives. They can easily solve issues by discussing with each other as well.However, it is to be signified that working specialization and teamwork are related with eachother in this respect that employees can be able to enjoy their working along with specializingfor each job as well (Uzkurt et al. 2013, p.92). In this respect, if City College and EnterpriseRent-a-Car allow work specialization structure and team work culture together, it will bepossible for them to avoid typical problems regarding marketing and business transactions andemployees can also get success in developing and improving their organisations as well.Influence of choice of organization structure and culture in motivation of employees :The factor which affects the culture of Rent a car is individual working within enterprise.Attitudes, mentalities, interests, point of vie wand thought process of employees affects theorganization culture. Strong corporate culture indicates that employees are like minded and hold6
Unit 3 Organisation and Behavior Assignment_6

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