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Computer science homework help

Computer science is the subject that studies computer and its programming which includes hardware, software and the internet. Computer science is the part of electrical engineering which studies the structure of a computer and all its binary functioning. The software part of computer science focuses on the functioning, algorithms, coding, programming languages, operating system, and hardware is about the whole structure of computer which includes monitor, CPU, keyboards, mouse while the internet focuses on the protocols, telecommunications, etc. we can help those brilliant who seek computer science homework help.

sometimes students face difficulty to complete Computer science homework help is the subject wherein students get theoretical knowledge of the technology and its working and the practical experience of it. It is often considered as foundational science because of which knowledge about everything else is gained.

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Theoretical computer science

Theoretical computer science focuses on the mathematical topics involved in computing like the theory of computing. These theories are first studied and then practiced and the topics of theoretical computer science include computational complexities, probabilistic computation, quantum computation, data structures, algorithms, parallel and distributed computations, information theory, cryptography, automata theory, program semantics and verification, quantum computation, computational biology, computational geometrics, and computational economics.

Theoretical computer science homework help is divided into two subfields, algorithm theory, and complexity theory. Algorithm theory focuses on the procedures of computation and the designs while complexity theory focuses on classifying the computation tasks like time, memory, parallelism, randomness, etc. and also tries to prove that an efficient algorithm does not exist in some cases.

Data science

Data science is the process to take out information from the data. It includes computer science data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and methods. The subject is drawn from statistics and mathematics. Data science is of two types, big data and traditional data where traditional data is where the text or numeric value data is stored in a table format which can be managed by an analyst from one computer. Big data is bigger than the traditional data because it is distributed across computers and not just one.

And it includes all mobile data, video, text, images, velocity, volume, etc. Data science and big data handling are done by data analysts and specialists. The data management process includes the collection of data, class-labeling the data, data cleansing and data masking.

Artificial intelligence

In simple terms, artificial is the human-like intelligence programmed in machines to enable them to act like them like solving problems, learn skills and take decisions. Homework help in computer science or artificial intelligence brings Robots first in our minds but robots are just a part of what artificial intelligence is about.   is a wide concept and its application is almost everywhere be it psychology, computer science, linguistics, healthcare industries and even in the financial industry, etc.

Artificial intelligence is divided into two broad categories, Narrow or weak artificial intelligence like voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google, and Artificial general intelligence or strong intelligence like robots.


Bioinformatics is part of science that studies mathematics, statistics, biology, computer science, and information engineering to develop software tools to understand biological data. It is important in today's scenario to handle and manage biological data and medicines. Bioinformatics is used to analyze genome sequencing data and includes the storage, transfer, algorithm, pipeline, etc of the genomic data. 

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