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Everything is made up of matter and chemistry is the subject that studies the reaction of matter, composition, and properties. The subject studies how the substance changes and reacts with other substances and their interaction with energy

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Chemistry is considered as the central science because it provides a basic understanding of what matter is composed of and how it works in biology and physics. The subject focuses on composition, structure, behavior, and changes of the matter and its reaction with other substances.

Chemistry is a vast subject but the main five branches of chemistry are Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry &  Biochemistry.

Branches cover under chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies the material by separating its component and analyzing each of those components to find out what are their properties, a proportion in the whole matter and how did they come together to form that matter. Analytical chemistry is studied by two methods, wet chemical method, which is the classical method and the instrumental method which is the modern method.

The classical wet chemical used precipitation, extraction, distillation for separation and identification of the components of matter and the modern method that uses instrumentation includes chromatography and electrophoresis.

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry studies the transformation of any matter over the period of time, how do chemical reaction happen, how a new matter is formed, etc. based on the principles of physics such as motion, time, force, energy, quantum, thermodynamics, analytical dynamics, etc. to measure and explain the quantitative feature of reactions that happen.

The sub-branches of physical chemistry include surface chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, and catalysis. The study includes the analysis of existing chemicals or matter and finding the uses of the new material formed. This field of chemistry has physics and mathematical approach which makes it an analytical subject and therefore the labs use more analytical instruments.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry studies the structure, reactions, and properties of organic compounds that contain carbon. The study of structure is done to find out the formula in it and the chemical composition. All the living things or organisms are made up of water and carbon compounds therefore it is known as organic chemistry.

Initially, organic chemistry's study was limited to the compounds of living organisms but through research and through time it now includes the compounds and substances that are made by men like plastics.

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry studies the composition, properties, and reactions of inorganic compounds which are all the other compounds than the ones in organic chemistry that have no or little carbon compounds present in them like metals, salts, and mineral. Inorganic matters have a high melting point and high or low electrical conductivity.

All the elements from the periodic table except hydrogen and carbon are part of inorganic chemistry. Classification of inorganic compounds includes acid, bases, salts and oxides. Inorganic chemistry is majorly applied in the field of medicine and healthcare, electrical fields, common salt in our daily use, etc.


This branch of chemistry studies the chemical composition, reaction, and properties of living organisms and the changes that happen through time. Biochemistry is the sub-branch of both chemistry and biology and it is divided into three fields called structural biology, metabolism, and enzymology.

The subject studies what is happening within the cell, the reaction with other cells and their communication with each other and studies further topics like forensic, microbiology, medicine, plant science, genetics, etc. Due to the researches and finding of biochemistry, there is rapid growth and improvement in the healthcare of all living organisms.

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