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About Science

Science is a solution-driven subject to complex problems in various sub-fields which can further bring different inventions into the world through research and development. Students who study science have a line of different career opportunities open in front of them. Now, we all know the conventional career line of being a scientist but apart from that candidates can go on to work in laboratories, research centers, or even universities and colleges. A science student has been exposed to a lifetime of research and experiments that can lead to very interesting careers.

One could follow various skills and activities as part of your degree like, Spending time practicing a variety of practical and laboratory skills, such as experimental methodologies, producing lab reports, and data gathering, From electron microscopes to optical telescopes, using specialized equipment tailored for your field of study, Participate in field expeditions to areas of scholarly interest, including natural wonders both locally and globally, Obtain experience in a relevant scientific field by participating in an industry placement or internship and Learn how to research, write, and publish academic papers, as well as how to submit your findings to a peer-reviewed publication.

Science Homework Help Solutions

Since, as we all know there are various sub categories in the umbrella term called science, it becomes quite a task to cover the syllabus and keep up with the score criterion in the form of class assignments and assessments and that is where we come in. we, at desklib provide the students with an online portal that is full of study notes, resources, access to various research papers. Not only this but you can also ask the experts about your doubts and queries regarding any subject under Science. Desklib has built into a community of students and professionals whose aim is to provide help and solutions to fellow students and play their part in achieving better grades. We understand student pressures and therefore we have designed this online portal with ample resources that the students can benefit from.

Physics Homework Help

A field of science is physics. Science refers to the knowledge of how the physical world functions, based on unbiased data discovered through observation and investigation. The word science is derived from a Latin word that implies possessing knowledge. Any scientific explanation of a natural event must be testable, which is a crucial prerequisite.

Chemistry Homework Help

Chemistry is the study of matter, including its traits, make-up, and structure, as well as how it transforms and engages with energy. This definition summarises what is actually a complex and fascinating topic in a rather straightforward manner. Chances are good that your question and the response were related to chemistry if you have ever questioned why or how anything is in the natural world.

Biology Homework Help

Biology is the scientific study of life and all its forms, including the structure, function, growth, evolution, and distribution of living organisms. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including genetics, evolution, ecology, physiology, and biochemistry, among others. Biology is a data-rich field that uses a variety of methods, including observation, experimentation, and modeling, to gain insights into the natural world.