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100+ Good Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas

Published - 2022-09-29 Research Topics
Argumentative Essay Topics

A popular academic project that practically every student must prepare is an argumentative essay. We have put together a list of potential argumentative subject ideas to aid the students. 

Argumentative essays help students in their quest to gain a deeper understanding of a particular course's subject. Writing like this is a real key to developing argumentation abilities. When picking a powerful essay topic, you must pay close attention to your subject.

If you have been given the assignment to write an argumentative essay and are unsure of what to do, start by selecting a strong topic. Here is a list to assist you in selecting the ideal subject for your argumentative paper. Choose a subject that best suits your needs - 

List of Argumentative Essay Topics on Society and Culture

  1. When will those who identify as LGBT have equality?
  2. Should access to healthcare facilities and amenities should be considered as a basic human right? 
  3. Do you believe that the need to create family-friendly programming forces TV censors to remove explicit content?
  4. Social media both unites and divides us. Do you think the good outweighs the negative or the other way around? 
  5. Is it alright to take a year off from education to travel and explore the world? 
  6. Is it a good idea for many states to decriminalise the possession of some substances, such as marijuana?
  7. Although equality is a legal requirement, do you think it is being implemented?
  8. Do you believe that individuals have the right to own firearms?
  9. Do you believe that a patient should be entitled to request medical assistance in dying when they are suffering from a terminal illness?
  10. Do you believe smoking should be prohibited?
  11. What is the most effective technique to encourage constructive dialogue regarding contentious issues?

List of Argumentative Essay Topics on History 

  1. Many people believe that we can learn from the past, but history is full of patterns. Do you believe that history is cyclical?
  2. How did the American Civil War improve or harm the country?
  3. As a writer and statesman, Thomas Jefferson made significant contributions to the creation of America. He didn't have a perfect life, though. He was a hero?
  4. Do you think that the "reality" of important historical events has changed as a result of our current perspective?
  5. Discuss whether lower socioeconomic strata had opportunities during a particular decade in the past.
  6. Was the treatment of Native Americans morally repugnant to the US?
  7. The American colonies and, eventually, the United States of America were founded on slavery.
  8. Was the treatment of Native Americans morally repugnant to the US?
  9. The American colonies and, subsequently, the United States, were both founded on slavery. - - - How, then, did this injustice alter the country?
  10. What events led to the Holocaust and the development of Nazism in Germany?
  11. The outbreak decimated Europe's population and changed the course of history. What was the major lesson that lay in this? 

List of Argumentative Essay Topics for College 

  1. Do men and women experience emotions differently?
  2. Are physical books preferable to e-readers?
  3. Would you be in favour of decreasing the drinking age?
  4. Are parents to blame for the obesity of their children?
  5. Do you think access to education should be unrestricted?
  6. Would inclusive beauty standards be preferable, in your opinion?
  7. Are all majors in college equally important?
  8. Is social media harmful to children?
  9. Has the definition of magic evolved with technology?
  10. Is space exploration worthwhile?
  11. Do you think all internships ought to be compensated?
  12. Do you believe income should be correlated with the price of a degree?
  13. Is the world's greatest threat climate change?
  14. How much importance does Feminism hold in today’s world? 
  15. Have the necessary reparations been made for slavery by society?
  16. Do you think the popular vote should be used to decide elections?
  17. Do all people deserve free health care?
  18. Do anti-discrimination laws shield students with disabilities?
  19. Is a degree from an online college or university just as valid as one from a physical institution?
  20. Is it unethical for a professor or teacher to insist that their students buy his book?

List of High School Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do you believe that the flag should be allowed to be burned?
  2. Do you believe that if children skip school, parents could be held accountable for truancy?
  3. Are relationships harmed by social media?
  4. Do you believe that employers should be forced to hire a diverse workforce?
  5. Women and men are treated equally, right?
  6. Do you believe the minimum wage needs to be increased?
  7. Do you believe that all people should attend college?
  8. Is the threat of climate change real?
  9. Are wind farms good for the economy and environment?
  10. Do you believe that anyone should be permitted to wear fur?
  11. Is using your DNA for genealogy a bad idea?
  12. Do you believe that parents should choose not to have their children receive medical care?
  13. Are we losing ground to other countries in terms of education?
  14. Do the people's actions in a country have an impact on the acts of the leader?
  15. Do you believe they should be eliminated from the electoral college?
  16. Do you believe that art classes should be obligatory in schools?
  17. Do you think all future automobiles will be electric?
  18. Will Artificial Intelligence benefit or harm the world?
  19. Do you believe students in high school work during the academic year?
  20. Do you believe that certain types of personal expression need to be permitted in schools?

List of Middle School Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do you believe that middle school students work in professions like babysitting or lawn-mowing?
  2. Are contests for beauty in school a good idea?
  3. Are video games with violence bad?
  4. Do you believe parents should be able to decide whether their children can colour their hair?
  5. Do you believe social media causes more harm than good?
  6. Has schoolwork gotten out of hand for middle schoolers?
  7. Do you believe that a child's homework helps them learn?
  8. Do you believe that teachers earn more money?
  9. Is your generation facing more challenges than that your parents?
  10. Why is your favourite musical performer superior to the others?
  11. Do you believe children should read books that are appropriate for their age or are books for adults acceptable?
  12. Is walking or taking the bus to school preferable?
  13. Does lunch at school benefit children?
  14. Do you think an hour of exercise is preferable to an hour of reading?
  15. Do you believe taking a gym class ought to be required?
  16. Do you believe that students who earn top marks are compensated?
  17. Is attending a class in person preferable to doing it online?
  18. Does cyberbullying pose the same problems as physical bullying?
  19. Are you in favour of all vehicles being electric?

Lost of Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology 

  1. Are mobile devices bad for people? 
  2. Are spying programmes violating users' privacy? 
  3. Do Millennials rely on computers more than Baby Boomers do? 
  4. Is the future of front-end development Typescript?
  5. Biological effects of microwave technology. 
  6. We have become slackened by technology. Should middle schoolers start learning how to code? 
  7. Cognitive Watson-like computers are unethical. 
  8. Should the hiring process take into account a candidate's social media profiles? 
  9. Personal mobile phones shouldn't be supplied to children. 
  10. The future of transportation and self-driving autos. 
  11. Has technology led to a decrease in productivity? 
  12. Technological developments in the psychology sector. 
  13. Is artificial intelligence in control of the future?

List of Argumentative Essay Topics on Animals 

  1. Hunting for entertainment and sport is unethical and has to be outlawed. 
  2. Pit bulls and other aggressive dog breeds shouldn't be allowed as pets. 
  3. Animal testing for cosmetics is acceptable or not? 
  4. It is a necessary evil to use monkeys for research in laboratories.
  5. Fur and leather attire shouldn't be considered unethical. 
  6. Is it advantageous to modify livestock genetically? 
  7. In medical school, dissecting animals is a useful learning tool or cruelty? 
  8. Is there a potential decreased rate of disease risk by pet ownership? 
  9. Is it true that emotional support animals can benefit lonely people? 
  10. It is cruel to keep exotic animals as pets or not. 
  11. Animal abuse must be prohibited by stricter legislation. 

List of Topics for Controversial Argumentative Essays 

  1. Should all 50 states in the United States of America allow same-sex marriage
  2. Are young girls' minds being ruined by the feminist movement? 
  3. Corruption and how it affects wage growth. 
  4. Hunting needs to be prohibited everywhere. Do you concur? 
  5. Which is better for society, capitalism or communism? 
  6. Should it be legal to clone humans? 
  7. Pro-life or pro-choice on abortion? 
  8. Here are some reasons why it shouldn't be permitted to date at work. 
  9. Every nation should provide sanctuary for displaced immigrants and refugees. 
  10. Is living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle healthy? 
  11. The essence of traditional romance has been destroyed by online dating.
  12. Our moods can be improved by chocolate.
  13. Is eating meat morally, right? 
  14. Mothers are by nature better parents. 
  15. Politics is never fair and just.

To Sum up:- 

Argumentative essay assignments typically call for extensive literature or previously published material research. For argumentative assignments, empirical research—in which the student acquires data through discussions, surveys, observations, or experiments—might also be necessary.

With the information obtained through thorough investigation, the student can choose a position and defend it. This enables the student to gain knowledge about the subject and alternative viewpoints. No matter how much or what kind of research is used, argumentative essays still need to have a clear topic and follow logical reasoning.

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