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Biology is the scientific study of life and living beings. In this, a student studies physiology, morphology, anatomy, behavior, and other qualities of a living organism. Biology is derived from the Greek words “bios” and “logos”. Bios mean life; logos means study. 

Biology is an essential branch of science and the most crucial branch in itself, the medical science emerged parallelly with biology. Today we are aware of the human body parts and the diseases related to them and the cure to the disease, this is all because of biology. Hence, biology is the most helpful branch of science for living beings.

This field of science could be enhanced by the new generation as they perform research for the sake of humanity and for the betterment of medical science so that, in the future, all living beings can live a disease-free life.

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The Main Branches of Biology and Some General Bio Research Topics

Here, we are going to suggest to you some good research topics in biology which might help you in becoming a good researcher. Thus, will eventually help you in settling one more stair upward towards the betterment of medical science.

Top 20 Innovative Research Topics in Biology

  1. Genetic engineering.
  2. Epidemiology in the case of coronavirus.
  3. Astrobiology.
  4. Cancerous cells.
  5. Endangered species recovery.
  6. Toxins in the human body can kill bacteria.
  7. Ocean acidification.
  8. Stem cell research and therapy.
  9. About pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  10. Comparative genomics.
  11. Molecular and genome evolution.
  12. Neurobiological explanation of sleep.
  13. Symbiosis in parasites.
  14. Modern technology and tools in the research of biology.
  15. Change in the behavior of animals due to climate change.
  16. Fast food chemicals affect the human body.
  17. Is a stressful environment and disturbed ecology reason behind the   humans taking stress.
  18. ACHOO syndrome.
  19. Protein synthesis.
  20. The mixing of races is an example of cross-breeding.

Top 20 Easy Biology Research Topics

  1. Male pregnancy in animal species.
  2. Immune system.
  3. Metabolism.
  4. Fertilizers.
  5. Transportation of essential minerals in plants.
  6. DNA and physical state.
  7. Structure of cell.
  8. Characteristics of DNA and RNA.
  9. Obesity in youngsters.
  10. The reason behind giving birth to twins.
  11. Top killer viruses.
  12. Birth defects.
  13. Animal husbandry.
  14. Pollution in water bodies.
  15. Protection of endangered species.
  16. Migratory birds and the reason behind their migration.
  17. Adaptation of animals towards environments.
  18. Oils spill into oceans.
  19. Shale gas reservoirs.
  20. Acid rain and its effects on living beings and plants.

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What are the Branches of Biology and their Research Topics?

Biology is the study of the vital processes in living beings. Biology is further subdivided into various branches to make it convenient to study. Though, the principle in all the components is the same and consistent. Here are mentioned below, a few sub-branches of biology along with their research topics.


Botany is the study of plants. Botany is the detailed study of the function of plants and types. This is the study of, the classes, family, diseases, etc related to plants. Botany is a good area for research and plant lovers can ace the benefits from the topics that we are going to provide them.    

Top 20 Botany Research Topics 

  1. Genetic inheritance in plant species.
  2. Crop science.
  3. Plant diseases.
  4. Plant stress physiology.
  5. Fungi.
  6. Herbs, shrubs, and trees.
  7. Innovation in agriculture.
  8. Plants cross-breeding.
  9. Cytogenetics.
  10. Paleobotany.
  11. Staple crops.
  12. Multi-cropping.
  13. Fuel from sugarcane.
  14. Nitrifying monocot grains.
  15. High-yield variety of crops.
  16. Plant lectins in cancer therapeutics.
  17. Synergy among anti-bacterial peptides.
  18. Land plant molecular phylogenetics.
  19. Describe the role of anti-microbial peptides in the community of plants.
  20. What are vascular plant apomorphies?

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Zoology is the branch of biology that deals with the study and research of animals and the animal kingdom, and how they interact with their ecosystem. The student of zoology comprehensively studies the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct. 

Research in this branch of biology is a daunting task, it requires lots of observation and patience, as it is difficult to understand the behavior of an animal. Here we are to suggest to you some good zoology research topics having a good scope of research.

Top 20 Zoology Research Topics

  1. Phylogeny of invertebrates.
  2. Explain Animal kingdoms and classes both horizontally and vertically.
  3. The origin and evolution of the multicellular organism.
  4. Warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals.
  5. Vertebrates and invertebrates.
  6. Explain the Development cycle of non-helminths-geohelminths and non-helminths-biohelminths.
  7. Discuss the Arthropods' existence and evolution.
  8. Crustaceans and their variety.
  9. How did the primate evolve?
  10. Diversity of flatworms and tapeworms.
  11. Types of flagellates.
  12. Features of cephalopods.
  13. State the difference between Polyplacophora and Monoplacophora.
  14. Characteristics of annelids.
  15. What is anthropogenesis?
  16. Describe the anatomical view of invertebrates and vertebrates.
  17. What is the difference between an open and closed circulatory system?
  18. The mammals' class system and division.
  19. Reptiles and their evolution.
  20. Extinct animals and the reason behind their extinctions and a way forward to this.


Genetics is the scientific study of genes and heredity. Researchers notice, how certain qualities or traits are passed from parents to offspring due to changes in the DNA sequence.

A gene is the basic segment of DNA that contains instructions for building one or more molecules that help the body work. The structure, function, variation, and distribution of genes are studied within the context of the cell, the organism, and within the context of the population.

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Writing a research paper on this branch of biology is going to be an exciting task.Here we have a few interesting topics related to genetics:

Top 20 Genetics Research Topics

  1. Chromatin structure.
  2. Genomics.
  3. Gene editing.
  4. Gene therapy.
  5. Microbiome.
  6. Neuroscience.
  7. Epidemiology.
  8. Population genetics.
  9. Prenatal screening.
  10. Genetic abnormalities.
  11. Mitochondrial disorders.
  12. Pronuclear transfer.
  13. Maternal spindle transfer.
  14. CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing.
  15. Inherited diseases.
  16. Parkinson’s disease.
  17. Turner syndrome.
  18. Klinefelter syndrome.
  19. Down syndrome.
  20. Fragile X syndrome.

Environmental Biology

Environmental biology lies in resemblance to ecology, it is a scientific program that focuses on the scientific study of the origins, relationships, functions, interactions, and the natural history of all the living beings, populations, species, and communities, in an ecosystem.

Environmental biology is the most crucial branch of biology and an essential topic for research. Due to climate changes and the extinction of some species, This field of biology requires good and comprehensive research so that a step toward the betterment of an environment can be found and taken by humanity. Here we are going to suggest to you some good environmental biology topics.

Top 20 Environmental Biology Research Topics

  1. Chemical ecology.
  2. Tropical wetland ecology.
  3. Animal behavior.
  4. Migration of some species due to environmental changes.
  5. Renewable energy.
  6. Fire ecology.
  7. Bioremediation.
  8. Limnology.
  9. Environmental justice.
  10. Carbon emissions and control.
  11. Endemic wildlife.
  12. Importance of national parks.
  13. The important role played by wildlife sanctuaries.
  14. Saving our planet by using green energy.
  15. Melting of permafrost.
  16. Depletion of the ozone layer.
  17. Lungs and heart diseases are increasing due to climate change.
  18. Destruction of the forest ecosystem is a matter of concern.
  19. Urban migration.
  20. Contamination of groundwater.

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Cell Biology  

Cell is the basic unit of life, multiple cells are combined together to form a tissue and multiple tissues are further combined to form an organism. Cell biology is the branch of biology that studies the structure, function, and behavior of cells in different living beings.

Cell biology encompasses the study of both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells and both multicellular and single-cell organisms. As every living being is made up of cells, this branch of science becomes the most important branch of biology and the field of research.

Top 20 Cell Biology Research opics

  1. Cytoskeleton.
  2. Cell motility.
  3. Chromatin and gene expression.
  4. Endosymbiosis.
  5. Cell evolution.
  6. Cellular metabolism.
  7. Cell fate determination.
  8. Development of the embryo.
  9. Organelle biogenesis.
  10. Schistosomiasis.
  11. Cell differentiation and morphogenesis.
  12. Stem cell biology.
  13. Host-parasite interaction.
  14. Lymphocyte migration.
  15. Cytokines.
  16. Temporal and spatial control of gene expression.
  17. Epigenetics.
  18. Cell signaling.
  19. Regeneration of cells.
  20. Cell division


Biotechnology is an integrated study of engineering sciences and natural sciences. It is done with the aim to achieve the applications of cells, organisms, and parts for products and services. It is referred to as using a living organism to produce a different product.

For instance, yeast is a living organism used in the baking of bread. This branch of biology also has a wide scope of research, as our food habits are proportionate to food packaging. Hence research in this field becomes mandatory and going to be proved useful. We are going to suggest to you some good research topics in biotechnology.

Top 20 Biotechnology Research Topics

  1. Cancer biotechnology.
  2. Transplantation biology.
  3. Cell and molecular biology.
  4. Microbial biotechnology.
  5. Environmental biotechnology.
  6. Nanobiotechnology.
  7. Sustainable and global health biotechnology.
  8. Pharmacogenomics of anti-hypertensive drugs.
  9. Pharmacogenomics of metformin in diabetes mellitus type2.
  10. Medical biotechnology.
  11. Proteomics.
  12. Structural biology of infectious diseases.
  13. Pharmaceutical biotechnology.
  14. Agricultural biotechnology.
  15. Bioengineering and research.
  16. Y-chromosome genotyping.
  17. Role of Embelin in cancer.
  18. Hypoallergenic fermented foods.
  19. Exocellulase and Endocellulase.
  20. Techniques of protein purification.

Molecular Biology  

Microbiology is the branch of biology that seeks to understand the function and structure of the macromolecules that are essential for life. The detailed study of the physical and chemical structure of biological macromolecules is called molecular biology. It is essential to understand the chemical function happening in a living being as they affect both the physical and mental health of an organism.

Writing a research paper is also a crucial task as research in this field is a need of an hour because chemical and hormonal changes take place in a body time and to balance these chemical ups and downs in a body a good medicine or a technique is required which can be invented by good research. So your research paper in molecular biology should entail a series of your findings. Here we are to recommend you few topics to research and write about.

Top 20 Molecular Biology Research Topics

  1. Structure of DNA.
  2. Structure of RNA.
  3. Polymerase chain reaction.
  4. Recombinant DNA technology.
  5. Transcription of genes.
  6. Cell division.
  7. DNA cloning.
  8. Prokaryotic transcription.
  9. Eukaryotic transcription.
  10. Mutations.
  11. Gene regulations.
  12. Protein synthesis in cells.
  13. Chromosome building and function during mitosis.
  14. Cystic fibrosis.
  15. Alkaline phosphatase.
  16. Plasmid loss in bacteria.
  17. Chemo-enzymatic synthesis.
  18. Monoclonal antibodies.
  19. Non-histone proteins.
  20. Telomerase insufficiency.

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Neuroscience is the branch of biology that deals with the scientific study and functions of the nervous system. The nervous system is made up of three parts: the brain, the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system. Neurobiology or neuroscience has a broader scope of research in which a scientist uses different approaches to study the nervous system at different scales. Here we are to suggest to you some really good research topics on neurobiology.

Top 20 Neurobiology Research Topics

  1. Cellular and molecular neuroscience.
  2. System neuroscience.
  3. Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience.
  4. Computational neuroscience.
  5. Clinical neuroscience.
  6. Degenerative brain disorder.
  7. Dopamine in the brain. What is its role?
  8. Functional organization of memory.
  9. Neuroplasticity.
  10. Schizophrenia.
  11. Enhancing memory through electrical stimulation.
  12. Transcranial magnetic stimulation.
  13. Postpartum depression.
  14. Algorithms in the brain.
  15. Effects of LSD.
  16. Analyze the prefrontal cortex.
  17. Role of the cerebellum.
  18. Neurotransmitter disabilities.
  19. Role of axon in handling the action potential.
  20. Hippocampus area of the brain.

Top 20 Biology Research Topics for High School Students

  1. What are cloning and its basic principles?
  2. Genetic disorders.
  3. Coronaviridae.
  4. Obesity.
  5. The human brain and nervous system.
  6. The right and left sides of the brain. differentiate them on the basis of functions.
  7. Hormonal changes.
  8. Immunity system.
  9. Open and closed circulatory system.
  10. Viviparous organisms.
  11. Oviparous organisms.
  12. Oxytocin and serotonin.
  13. Human reproduction.
  14. DNA and physical traits are transferred to offspring.
  15. Climate change.
  16. Gases are involved in global warming.
  17. Tissues in plants.
  18. Differentiate between plant tissue and animal tissue.
  19. Role of stomata in the process of photosynthesis.
  20. Structure of cell and difference between animal and plant cell.

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Top 20 Biology Research Topics for College Students

  1. Characteristics of viruses.
  2. Single cellular organisms.
  3. Research methods in cell biology.
  4. Genetic inheritance in plant species.
  5. Visual cortex.
  6. Depression in youngsters.
  7. Heartattack these days.
  8. Oxidative stress.
  9. Cardio exercises.
  10. Hormonal changes in the female body.
  11. Anatomy of a fish.
  12. Anatomy of a cockroach.
  13. Anatomy of annelids.
  14. Anatomy of a frog.
  15. Biological names.
  16. Morphology of flowers(rose).
  17. Darwin’s theory.
  18. Dwarfism.
  19. Natural selection theory.
  20. Survival of the fittest theory.


Biology is a vast field having many branches and sub-branches. Through this blog, we have discussed with you a few topics of biology for both college and high school students, some innovative and easy topics of biology to research, and comprehensively elaborated on every branch of biology along with its research topics. Our suggestions and discussion will bring you the confidence to write a good biology research paper.


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