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Before writing a research paper one must follow a few crucial steps of searching, researching, experimenting, and jotting. One cannot write a research paper on physics without following these steps. But before all these steps one has to decide the research topic. As the research topic chosen is the soul of the research paper. But choosing a research paper topic is not easy.

But with us, you can make the journey of writing a research paper on physics easier.

Here we are, to solve the most difficult problem of selecting/choosing the topic for writing a research paper. The research topic should be selected concerning the most important factor which is the availability of resources on that very topic. If you select a topic for writing a research paper on it, then kindly check if appropriate sources on it are available in the market or not.

Second, the topic should be chosen out of interest, as writing a research paper, especially on physics is going to be exasperating and a prolonged process that will make you tired. But to maintain consistency and perseverance in the work you must choose the topic of your interest, that will boost your interest and motivate you to keep going. 

Definition of Physics

Physics is an important branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter, including mechanics, light, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, etc. physics further has various sub-branches like classical mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism or photonics, relativistic mechanic, quantum mechanics, optics and acoustics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, etc.

Physics is a wide subject having inculcated various topics in it. Writing a research paper on any of the topics of physics would be really time taking and make you feel tired. As it requires a lot of research, experimentation, and practical knowledge.

So, we are going to suggest to you some topics which are particularly related to the sub-branches of physics, interesting, as well as the material on all these topics are available on the internet, so you can choose any of these and start researching and writing.

25 General Research Topics in Physics

  1. Nuclear physics and its scope.
  2. Kinematics.
  3. Electromagnetic force is the strongest force. Comment.
  4. Liquid pressure versus air pressure.
  5. AWS.
  6. Entropy.
  7. Dark matter studies.
  8. How were the planetsformed?
  9. About positrons.
  10. Auger yield per nuclear decay. What is it?
  11. Plasmanitrogen fixation.
  12. Solar fuels.
  13. Role of ultrashort pulses in the maintenance of large infrastructure.
  14. High energy and particle theory.
  15. Quantum gravity and field theory.
  16. Strong interactions and field theory.
  17. Mesoscopicphysics.
  18. Mass Moment of Inertia
  19. Angular momentum.
  20. Law of Conservation of Momentum
  21. Elasticity.
  22. The Electric Autonomous Vehicles.
  23. Electric vehicles.
  24. Sensors in vehicles.
  25. Analysis of Driverless Cars.
  26. Self-Driving Cars
  27. Investigation of Connected Cars
  28. Automotive Industry
  29. Concept of the continuum.
  30. Time dilation.
  31. Compare the thermodynamic debye model with the model of einstein.
  32. Describe the properties of fields with arbitrary spin.
  33. Describe the Feynman diagram.
  34. Theory of time travel.
  35. About exoplanets.

60 Latest and Innovative Research Topics in Physics

  1. Astrophysics, fusion, and plasma physics.
  2. Nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  3. Energy systems.
  4. Microfluidics and microsystems.
  5. Quantum information science.
  6. One-dimensional helium model.
  7. Shrinking of microchips.
  8. A four-stroke engine for atoms.
  9. What are electron whirlpools?
  10. Newly invented quantum flute.
  11. Making nanodiamonds out of bottle plastics.
  12. Entanglement of many atoms discovered.
  13. SU(N) matter is around 3 billion times cooler than deep space.
  14. The material emits pulses of super fluorescent light.
  15. Topological insulators.
  16. Molecular motors convert chemical energy into mechanical work.
  17. A quantum heat pump.
  18. Forces in jammed granular solids.
  19. Stable quantum batteries.
  20. Storing of energy into an electromagnetic field.
  21. Atoms’ clouds.
  22. Future of photovoltaic.
  23. What is the hall effect mystery?
  24. Relation between Neutron stars and gravitational waves.
  25. Superconducting diode.
  26. Multilayer graphene.
  27. Describe the 2D array of electrons and nuclear spin qubits.
  28. How does gravitational force impact the waves in water bodies?
  29. Transformative electronics.
  30. Artificial intelligence.
  31. How terrain evolves on icy comets.
  32. Binary star-planet system.
  33. Nasa’s Webb detects carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere. Write a descriptive note on the research.
  34. How giant meteorite impacts created the continent.
  35. Ripple's sheet protein structure.
  36. New fur for the quantum cat.
  37. New producing polymers.
  38. Foam stabilization.
  39. The formula for efficient hand sanitizers.
  40. What is hydrogel bioink?
  41. Tissue bioprinting.
  42. Classes of newly found semiconductors.
  43. Better metal-oxides.
  44. Greener energy.
  45. What is the MOXIE experiment?
  46. How are scientists producing oxygen on mars?
  47. Diamonds and rust at earth’s core-mantle boundary. Give the reason why.
  48. Using AI to train robots.
  49. About neuromorphic chip.
  50. Development of quantum computers.
  51. Bioengineering in the field of agriculture.
  52. Fossil crocs.
  53. X-shaped radio galaxies.
  54. Volcano catastrophe.
  55. Universe’s oldest fermions in the realm of quantum.
  56. Newly founded and added elements in the periodic table.
  57. Atomicity.
  58. Dark matter and dark energy.
  59. Hydroelectricity or electricity by nuclear energy.
  60. Wireless electricity.

Best Research Topics Related to the Sub-branches of Physics

The below listed are the sub-branches of Physics

  1. Mechanics
  2. Modern Physics
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Electricity
  5. Magnetism
  6. Geophysics
  7. Optics
  8. Electronics
  9. Chemical Physics
  10. Biophysics
  11. Astrophysics
  12. Nuclear Physics
  13. Considered Matter Physics


  1. Definition of Mechanics and Research Topics Related to it

Mechanics is the branch of science and mathematics that deals with the study of motion and the forces that produce motion and result in displacement.

Top 10 Mechanics Research Topics
  1. Dynamics and Control.
  2. Production engineering.
  3. Aerodynamics and fluid control.
  4. Fluid mechanics.
  5. Vibrations, acoustics, and fluid-structure interaction.
  6. High-speed transportation systems.
  7. Metameter.
  8. Aerial vehicles.
  9. Mechatronics.
  10. Aero-engine compressor blades.

Three Types of Mechanics

  1. Classical
  2. Quantum
  3. Statistical


  1. Definition of Classical Physics and Research Topics for it

Classical physics is the physics in which, from the physical ideas the newer ideas are predated. It basically encompasses all the theories that are drawn before the 20th century.  Energy and the theory of matter are regarded as independent concepts throughout classical physics.

Top 10 Research Topics on Classical Physics
  1. Describe the newton law of motion.
  2. Why do ships not sink in water bodies?
  3. What are equipartitions explain with examples?
  4. Bernoulli’s principle.
  5. What causes surface tension?
  6. Buoyancy.
  7. What do you mean by viscosity how does it vary from liquid to liquid?
  8. Kinematics.
  9. What is momentum?
  10. Explain oscillation.


  1. Definition of Quantum Physics and Research Topics for it

Quantum physics or quantum mechanics is basically a theory in physics that provides a description of all the physical properties at the scale of atoms and sub-atomic particles.

Top 10 Quantum Physics Research Topics
  1. Schrodinger equation.
  2. Symmetry.
  3. Quantum field theory.
  4. Dirac equation.
  5. Quantum mechanics.
  6. Angular momentum.
  7. Perturbation theory.
  8. Density matrices.
  9. Harmonic oscillator.
  10. Bracket notations.


  1. Definition of Modern Physics and Research Topics for it

Modern physics is that branch of physics that deals with the theories which came into being after the 20th century. these theories are quantum mechanics, special relativity, general relativity, etc.

Top 10 Modern Physics Research topics
  1. Explain the theory of relativity.
  2. What was the ultraviolet catastrophe?
  3. Photoelectric effect.
  4. Classical lightwave model. Elaborate.
  5. Describe the working of the night vision device.
  6. Describe the production and uses of X-rays.
  7. Why the charge of an electron is quantized?
  8. State the relation between the kinetic energy of an electron relate to the light’s frequency and intensity.
  9. How will you identify the element by its line spectra?
  10. What is radioactive decay?


  1. Definition of Thermodynamics and Research Topics for it

Thermodynamics is that branch of physics that deals with heat, work, and temperature, and their relation to energy, entropy, and the physical properties of matter and radiation. Basically, thermodynamics deals with the transfer of energy from one form to another form, and from one place to another.

Top 10 Thermodynamics Research Topics
  1. What are energy and its types?
  2. Explain and expand the quote, “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed”.
  3. Mention three types of thermodynamics processes.
  4. Uses of the kinetic energy.
  5. State some objects possess both kinetic and potential energy.
  6. A.C and D.C  current.
  7. Working of electric motor.
  8. Working of electricity generator.
  9. Working of solar cells.
  10. Uses of wind energy.


  1. Definition of Electricity and Research Topics on it

Electricity is defined as the flow of electric charge. Electricity is both a part of nature and a secondary form of energy.

Top 10 Electricity Research Topics 
  1. Coulomb’s law
  2. Voltage sources.
  3. Electric potential difference.
  4. Combinations of capacitors.
  5. Ohm’s law
  6. Electric circuit fundamentals.
  7. Circuit analysis.
  8. Magnetic effect of current
  9. Combining resistors.
  10. Electric field and the movement of charge.


  1. Definition of Magnetism and Research Topics on it

Magnetism is a type of force that is produced by moving electric charges. Magnetism creates two forces, force of attraction and force of repulsion.

Top 10 Research Topics for Magnetism
  1. Diamagnetism.
  2. Paramagnetism.
  3. Ferromagnetism.
  4. Antiferromagnetism.
  5. Ferromagnetism.
  6. Superparamagnetism.
  7. Role of magnetic in speakers.
  8. The magnetic field of steady currents.
  9. Magnetic forces.
  10. Lorentz force.


  1. Definition of Geophysics and Research Topics for it

Geophysics is a branch of natural science that deals with the physical properties and natural phenomena of the earth.

Top 10 Research Topics on Geophysics
  1. Electromagnetic waves.
  2. Radioactivity.
  3. Mineral physics.
  4. Fluid dynamics.
  5. Gravity.
  6. Gravitational forces.
  7. Atmospheric science.
  8. Geomagnetism.
  9. Seismology.


  1. Definition of Optics and Research Topics for it

Optics is the branch of physics that deals with the behavior and properties of light. Along with its interaction with matter and the instruments used to detect it.

Top 10 Research Topics Related to Optics
  1. Three branches of optics in physics.
  2. Geometrical optics
  3. Quantum optics.
  4. Physical optics.
  5. Ultra-violet rays
  6. Infrared rays.
  7. What is the ray of light?
  8. What is a light wave?
  9. State the difference between ray and wave.
  10. Refraction and reflection of light, are elaborate.


  1. Definition of Electronics and Researh Topics Related to it

Electronics is a branch of science to be precise electrical engineering that deals with the emission, behavior, and effects of electrons using electronic devices.

Top 10 Research Topics Related to Electronics
  1. Fiber optic communication.
  2. Nanoelectronics.
  3. Zigbee technology.
  4. Human area network.
  5. HSPA.
  6. GPRS.
  7. HSPA.
  8. VLSI.
  9. Embedded systems.
  10. Organic light emitting diode.


  1. Definition of Chemical Physics and Topics Related to it

Chemical physics is the amalgam of both chemistry and physics and the branch of science. It investigates physicochemical phenomena and studies chemical processes from the point of view of physics.

Top 10 Research Topics on Chemical Physics
  1. Catalysis.
  2. Computational chemical physics.
  3. Electrochemical energy materials, description, and their uses.
  4. Atomic and molecular formula.
  5. Cosmology.
  6. Chemical energy.
  7. Conversion of chemical energies.
  8. Fusion plasma physics.
  9. Condensed matter physics.
  10. Spectroscopy.


  1. Definition of Biophysics and Research Topics on it

Biophysics is a course in science that applies approaches and methods traditionally used in physics to study biological phenomena. Biophysics covers all the scales of biological organization, from molecular to organismic and populations.

Top 10 Research Topics on Biophysics
  1. Structure of protein.
  2. Dynamics of molecules.
  3. Neurodegenerative diseases.
  4. Protein folding and self-assembling.
  5. Ultrafast laser spectroscopy.
  6. System biology and bio-networks.
  7. Force transduction in muscle.
  8. Proteomics and genomics.
  9. Membrane biophysics.
  10. System neuroscience.


  1. Definition of Astrophysics and Research Topics on it

Astronomy is the branch of science that is concerned with the physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies in the universe. Astrophysics is a science that uses the methods and principles of physics and chemistry in the study of astronomical objects and phenomena.

Top 10 Research Topics on Astrophysics
  1. Stellar dynamics.
  2. Structure of galaxies.
  3. Astrophysical fluid dynamics.
  4. Cosmology and its theories.
  5. Theory of relativity.
  6. Statistical physics.
  7. Evolution of stars.
  8. Evolution of galaxies.
  9. Planetary motion.
  10. The secret behind black holes.


  1. Definition of Nuclear Physics and Research Topics Related to it

Nuclear physics is the branch of physics that deals with the study of building blocks and interactions of atomic nuclei.

Top 10 Research Topics for Nuclear Physics
  1. State the general properties of the nucleus.
  2. Nuclear reactions.
  3. Radioactivity.
  4. Nuclear fusion.
  5. Nuclear fission.
  6. Use of nuclear energy in making electricity.
  7. Nuclear weapons.
  8. Practical applications of nuclear phenomena.
  9. What are nucleons and glucons?
  10. Radioactive isotopes.


  1. Definition of Condensed Matter Physics and Research Topics for it

Condensed matter physics is the branch of science in the field of physics that deals with both the microscopic and macroscopic physical properties of matter.

Top 10 Research Topics for Condensed Matter Physics
  1. Superfluid.
  2. Bose-einstein condensate.
  3. Liquid crystals.
  4. Complex fluids.
  5. Adhesion and lubrication.
  6. High-temperature superconductivity.
  7. Strong correlations.
  8. Semiconductor transistors.
  9. Laser technology.
  10. Importance of condensed matter physics.


These were some research topics on physics that we feel has helped you. A  brief description of every branch of physics was done to make you aware of a bit of the complex words in science. So that your research could become easier and less difficult. Now that you are aware of every sub-branch, you should better start researching, experimenting, and jotting down the findings. Now you are all set to present a research paper on the table.


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