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1. Background/OverviewWhen you work for an aged care sector organisation, you mayencounter some workplace issues when you are required tocomplete an incident report. In doing so, you must ensure yourcommunication isobjective, accurate and concise.You will also need to know how to communicate in the workplaceand follow your workplace procedures for any communication.Effective communication is a vital part of succeeding in your workrole and you will need a good grasp of verbal and non-verbalcommunication techniques.2. BriefThis assessment consists of three (3) parts.This assessment provides you with the opportunity to demonstrateyour knowledge of the following areas:Completing an incident report according to workplacepoliciesWrite a workplace emailReport conflict situations to a supervisorPrinciples of effective communicationThere is an appendix at the end of the assessments, you will need torefer to it to complete Part 1, question B and Part 2, question B.DeliverablesPlease submit this assessmentin Word doc format.Note that word limitsappearing in column headingsapply to each individual cell inthe respective columns.To do list:1.Write yourname and student IDin the space providedat the top of this page.2.Read thebackground/overview andbrief sections of thisdocument.3.Complete the 3 parts.4.Write your answers inthe spaces provided.5.Save the Worddocument using the namingconvention:your studentnumber_assessmentnumber.doc. For example:“12345678_31135_01.doc.”6.Upload your documentin Open Space using therelevant AssessmentUpload link in this Module.
3. ActivitiesPart 1.Read the scenario:A.Complete the Incident Report below. You only need to complete the ‘What happened?’ field. Remember to beobjective, accurate and concise in your account of events.CareShoreIncidentReportParticulars ofIncidentIncident Number12345/67Date12 JuneLocationCareShoreName of personreportingincidentYouSupervisor nameDaniel JacobsenNature ofincidentEmployee conflictDetails of incidentWhat happened?CareShorecommunicationprotocol helps inimprovingcommunication systemwith the help ofinternal and externalcommunicationsystem. Variousmethods areintroduced for internalcommunicationsystem, such as email,telephone. On theother hand, externalmethods are like fax,letter and calling. Thetime frame of thesystem is not fixed, itresults into delayedresponse of the issuesand problems cannotbe provided.Therefore, it isresulting into hugeissues. Along with thisemployees are notable to show theiragreement ordisagreement throughthese methods. Alongwith thispronunciation,grammar and speed isanother issue. They2
are creating variousproblems and conflictsinto the organisation.Where did ithappen?CareShore staff roomand later in front ofCareShore residentsWere there anywitnesses apartfrom the incidentreporter?Some CareShoreresidents witnessedthe second incident
B.Now you have completed the incident report, you need to email your supervisor according to CareShore’scommunication protocols. Look at Appendix 1 at the end of the assessment.Appendix 1 is a document pertaining to CareShore’s communication protocols. Read it carefully, then write anappropriate email (100-200 words) to your supervisor.Supervisor’s name:Daniel JacobsenWhat to include in the email:1) The events you have witnessed2) Why you wish to discuss the issues with Daniel, the Supervisor3) Suggest what Daniel could do about the situationMake sure you use clear, accurate and objective language when documenting events, and be careful to useindustry terminology correctly.New Message_ About CareShore's communication protocol.Respected supervisor,CareShore's communication protocol is one of the effective communication channel. It is able to effectivelyhandle internal and external communication system. As the protocol is developed considering the culture of thecompany therefore, it is flexible. However, all the communication methods are provided with different timeframe. Due to this issues and problems are not being considered on the basis of their priority. It is creating hugeimpact on the working environment of the company and creating various related to employee conflicts. Tomaintain effectiveness of the work, this issue should be considered seriously. While implementing these process,one team should be considered for handling internal and external communication system. It helps in determiningthe important issues and enable in taking quick actions.Your sincerely4
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