Importance of Communication in Business : Essay

Added on - Nov 2020

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Communication can be described as a “social glue” that keeps organizationtogether (Alvesson,2002).it is also known as the nervous system of theorganization(Davis,1953).there are two types of communication verbal and nonverbal communication which means that it is not necessary that communicationshould be done with sound it can also be done in silence. This essay will talkabout the importance of communication in business, communication blunders inbusiness and ways of communication.Communication is a vital tool for the success of organization. Effectivecommunication plays very important role in business, not being able to inform theright thing in a right way can be costly. Communication has four basic functions:control,motivation,information and emotional expression.(Tourism and Hargie2017).communications in the firms can be done through electronicmail,letters,press etc (Hargie2016) communication failure can causedissatisfaction, trust, stress(Basteen,1987,Malmein,2007). Effectivecommunication always requires effective listening, zeno (in Godefroy and Clark,2000) argues that “we have two ears and one mouth to listen more and speak less.Many communication blunders occur due to unresponsive and talkative listeners.Every firm must be customer oriented even in marketing communicationcompanies must take care of customer emotion and wants. (Wernerfelt1994a).Marketing communication is very important in any business. It plays animportant role in promoting brands and products. It helps to provide information tothe customers whose purchase decision is risky. Customers who are brand loyal aremore receptive to non informative advertising.(Krugman 1965;Leclerc and little1994;Petty, Cacioppo, and Suman 1983 ) .communication skill is something that aperson or business must have , without proper communication organizational goalcannot be achieved. Organizational activities are not possible without effectivecommunication. Even the college graduates should be able to communicate withconfidence before entering organization. Poor communication skill will not help incontrolling the administrative tasks. Organizations are now competing in globalcontext so effective communication skill is must to outperform the competitors.There should be good communication inside the organization to make a effectivemarketing communication. Even the low level employee can give the bestmarketing idea so the subordinate must be liberal to all the employees to bring thebest for the company. Morley stated that” organizations having
effective communication have positive work environment and are more likely toachieve their goal. Communication contributes higher job satisfaction. Effectivecommunication is important for various reasons. The key element ofcommunication is (Hargie 2004) communicators (people involved), goals (whatthey are trying to achieve), message (verbal and non verbal message), channel(written, face to face), feedbacks, context and effects. Every day in every step inour life, where ever we go we need effective communication. It is a process thatgoes until the grave. Hence communications must be done clearly and efficiently.As it has great impact in companies. There must be effective betweenadministration, employee’s sellers and buyers. Effective communication isimportant for business managers and team managers to reach the goal. Effectivecommunication helps to motivate employees, impress the clients, and in removingcontroversies. Channel means direction where information moves. The art ofeffective listening, speaking, reading and writing skills defines the quality ofcommunications in business. The study of communication is very important. Aperson communication skill effects both personal and communicationaleffectiveness (Burn 2010; summers, 2010) the problem in any element ofcommunication can effect a lot in organization communication.Big corporations make communication blunders, clients and employees. forexample in year march 8, 2014 Malaysian airline flight 370 carrying 227passenger and 12 crew member flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing wasdisappeared mysteriously . No one till date knew where the airline is and thereason behind the disappearance of the airline. The disappearance of airline isconnected with sentiments of lots of people. But right after the incident twittedwant to go somewhere but don’t know where?”For its promotional campaigntrying to appeal travelers the sense of adventure. But the tweet was badly criticizedby the people as it was not the right way to promote at that particular time. As theairline was disappeared with many people it was a sad moment it was the timecompany should apologize for its service and tweet the words of sympathy ratherthan that. It was no way adventure but a very worst incident. Moreover thecompany was in critical stage for its service so the company employees shouldhave talked with exports before tweeting. They should not have been that carelessregarding the incident as it was no way a fun incident. Similarly the companyshould have thought from customers perspectives. How would they react, will it be
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